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What do you think about Oscar the cat?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) February 20th, 2010 from iPhone

I was reading about him I Reader’s Digest and it seems like he can really tell… or is it just that he senses when/where he’s needed and goes there?
What do you think?

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Tell what? What am I missing?

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I’ve been following this little fur ball of doom for a few years, since the story first broke. I think cats are capable of sensing illness/death, probably through their incredible sense of smell. Some of them also show, what appears to be empathy.

A few years back I had a pet rat that my cat was afraid of (she’s the typical scaredy cat) She didn’t like going near him. One day, I found her sleeping next to his cage. At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Soon, however, I noticed a tumor on my rat. I took him to the vet, for treatment, and within a few weeks, he was back to his normal self. During those few weeks, my cat was his constant companion – sleeping on or near his cage. Once he was better, she was back to staying away.

Maybe some cats are better than others at sensing illness/death in people or other animals. Oscar is definitely one of those cats.

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@Trillian – Oscar lives in a nursing home and only cuddles up with patients soon before they die. He’s like a kitty grim reaper. Click here for a story about him.

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I think he does what he does so he can eat their souls as they leave their bodies.

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In college my three guy roommates and I had a cat that would only come out of hiding when one of us would take a dump. We could never find that little bastard but once that toilet flushed it would come out and lay right next to it. A whizz and flush, no cat. A dump and flush, cat. Maybe it was our diet…

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Felix The Cat was much more intelligent.

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Further proof that cats are fucking evil methinks.

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Animals ability to sense things we don’t quite understand or better appreciate to me is further proof we are blind to our own organic abilities to sense and feel things we typically regard as mystical and other worldly.

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More like Oscar the Grouch!Letting people know they’re about to drop dead!

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House did an episode that included such a cat. They postulated that the cat liked heat, and those with fevers or electric warmers were the ones the cat migrated towards.

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There are tests going on in the UK with dogs who can smell cancer in the urine of patients. I believe cats and dogs are sensitive to emotions certainly. So why not the smell of all organs slowly failing?

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@filmfann That’s what I was going to say!

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(taps lurve jar) :)

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