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Will Tiger Woods ever make a comeback?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 20th, 2010

As far as Tiger Woods goes, i have withheld any personal comments, concerning his situation. now, i am ready to have my say. Tiger Woods blew his own career by being greedy and unable to control his fame and it went to his brain. he and he alone is responsible for his actions and adultery. some people say “keep his private life out of his professional golfing”. how can this be? when younger people look up to a supposedly professional golfer or any other athlete, how can one explain to them that Tiger Woods crossed the line with his wife and family and can never come back to the life he once had as a star athelete? children look at the whole person, not just his ability to make holes in one on the golfcourse. even a robot can take a stick and hit a ball into a hole. at least the robot would not bow to the greed of adultery and fame and fortune. Tiger Woods, like most other celebrities, did not accept the good fortune the Lord had given to him. never is never enough to a greedy person and Tiger Woods is a classic example, along with Elvis and Michael Jackson. i expect a lot of feedback on my question. Do you believe Tiger Woods will ever convince himself, his wife, the public, and his sponsors that he will ever be the same person, before his episode of adultery and tarnishing the name of many good athletic procucts?

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Absolutely. You heard it here first. In a year or two it will be headline news “Tiger is back!” with vapid articles on how he has put his past behind him and is now a family man.

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Yes. His career is based on his golfing skills and not his sexual habits. His reputation may be a bit tarnished, he may have lost some sponsors, but he will make a comeback.

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Will you sports enthusiasts really quit using such and such item because Tiger screwed around?

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Sports figure with squeaky clean reputation is caught cheating on his wife. Much public hand wringing ensues.

President declares war on false pretenses. Is re-elected. Goes on to further enrich backers at the expense of the nation while undermining civil liberties. Leaves office for a comfortable life collecting fat speaking fees.

I live in a schizophrenic nation. There can be NO rational doubt about this. None.

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as soon as he has convinced his sponsors that he is a worth while investment and that he will not damage their name further he will be back. i say later this year, a few months at most.

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If I were Tiger I would have strolled up to the microphone Friday and told both America and the media to go and fuck themselves.

The only people he owes an explanation to are his family. The same goes for any apologies. Shame on you people for acting like someone, who is nothing more than a good golfer, is some sort of role model.

now i know why jesus wept.

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Glad you had your say. You have a right to it. Surprised you held off so long. Wow.

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He probably will, but here in Sweden we are many who wish he won’t ^^

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If you want his comeback, you will have to ask one of his mistresses. A little low brow but i think we’re all mature enough to handle it.

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I don’t care what a multi-multi-millionaire does to, or for, himself. If he wishes to self destruct, so be it. If he wishes to carefully invest in himself and his future, good for him.

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Even before his first tour victory after his comeback…his digressions will be a footnote in golf history. Only one sponsor bailed on him…he is their cash cow.

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Yeah he can’t keep away from the first & second holes for too long.Drain that 10 incher Eldrick woo woo.

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Of course.He is a great golfer.

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I think honestly he will, his skills just barely surpass his tendency to drive into mailboxes and have sex with women.

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I don’t care either way. I never really cared about him. As for coming back? Maybe but his reputation as a role model is tarnished. That had nothing to do with his skills in golf. I never paid attention to him because I don’t waste my time watching golf on tv. It’s too boring in my opinion.

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His whoring around carrer is over.

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