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For those of you who do martial arts, what do you get out of it?

Asked by Jude (32198points) February 21st, 2010

My girlfriend got me onto Budokon, and even though it’s killer on body (I really thought that I was in better shape!), if feels so good afterward. Not only am I strengthening my body, but, it calms me down.

What do you like and what does it do for you?

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School stress relief.

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Well, it helps with flexibility and enhances my range of motion and it also reduces (but does not eliminate) my all-too-constant fear that some thugh is going to be me up . . . again.

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I hear it helps one’s typing skills also.

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Yes, I see that now. I was a bit rushed when typing up the question. Too late for an edit.

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Better fitness, more confidence, self discipline. When young it helps increase self-respect.

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Actually, gailcalled may have been referring to me, as I misspelled “thug” as “thugh”.

So, gailcalled, you wanna fight about it?

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I get a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of wonder at what my body can (still) do.

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@semblance: Why not? I am sure that I can be you up…Are you on an iPhone?

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gailcalled -

So, you can “be me up”? Was that an intentional pun or a typo?

Alas, no, I have no iPhone, so if that is a qualification I lose already. I can’t get reception from my home/office so I have never bothered. I only have my lowly laptop.

And, I hope you were not really thinking I was serious and would, like, actually want to fight with you because I am really a terrible coward and not at all confident that my martial arts training has done much to help with that and I don’t really want to put my skills to the test, and . . . you kind of get the idea. In fact, I will concede that you would win any physical contest, so unless you have a cyber space way of battling it out, you win.

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@semblance : Physician, heal thyself.^^ my all-too-constant fear that some thugh is going to be me up . . . again.

Trust me; anyone can beat me up. I am the original little old lady here, and my only martial art skill is scruffing my cat (sometimes).

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Ouch! You have struck me again. I missed that one on reading it over and stopped at the first typo. My fingers do have trouble keeping up with my thoughts at times, particularly when no spellcheck program is running. Well, little old lady or not, you are punching my lights out on this exchange.

Best regards, and I hope I don’t ever meet you in a dark alley.

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It’s fun to paint belts.Black looks best on a white canvas.

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1. Regular scheduled excercise (easier not to postpone it to later, as with for example gym)
2. Improves my coordination (which i sorely need, i have crappy coordination).
3. Agression release (i get to express my agression in a controlled and socially acceptible way, without hurting anyone or any thing).
4. Fun!
5. It gives me a goal to work towards (although the path is the goal, feel the zen! ;P) and challenges me.
6. Makes me sleep alot better (as would any type of excercise), and relaxes and calms me down (my gf has noticed i have gotten alot calmer).
7. Improves my discipline (rigorous schedule, rigourous attention to detail in executing moves).
8. I get to meet good people and be part of a larger group doing something together.
9. I learn how to defend myself physically, so i can be more confident verbally and mentally and may not have to resort to physical violence, and also get more confidence in all aspects of my social life.
10. Improves my stamina and my strength.
11. Makes my body look better.

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@nisse Great answer!

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@jjmah: @nisse didn’t learn English until he was ten. I find that depressing.

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@nisse I don’t quite get it either.

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@jjmah @nisse I was commenting on the beautiful organization and clear writing in your 11 point program.

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