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How easy is it for a 21 years old guy to master Taekwondo and get to the black belt?

Asked by archaeopteryx (881points) July 12th, 2009 from IM

Is it hard? Is it too late? Or is it possible?

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Of course it is possible. Easy? No, nothing worthwhile is really easy. In the striving, you will gain much grasshopper.

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It is hard. It is not too late. It is possible. I took up Hapkido in my mid 20’s and it took me about five years to get my black belt.

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Yes, by “Easy”, I meant relatively easy.
Ofcourse, it’s not as easy as if I were still a 5 year old kid.
But at least it’s not impossible.

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Perseverance man, and you will be able to do this and this one day.

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@Saturated_Brain do you mean the cool martial arts stuff or the bitchin hair style?

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Depends on how often you do it. I reached the half-way point after 3 years. If you do it 2–3 times a week you’ll go faster.

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I too dream of attaining such eyebrows.

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if Ididn’t trim my hubby’s on a regular basis his would look like that!!
Good Luck in achieving black belt

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it’s just as easy as it is for someone younger to learn it. But it takes the same amount of time no matter how old you are as long as you apply yourself, listen to your sensei, and keep (or get yourself into) in good shape while you go through it

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I hope it is, because as a soon to be 22 year old guy (this friday!), I also want to take up Taekwondo.

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@Saturated_Brain I realize it was somewhat jokingly you posted those pictures, but I wholeheartedly believe that a man can punch through wood that thick. I’ve seen guys go through cinder blocks, Ice, bricks, etc. When I was younger and taking Tae Kwon Do I managed to break four Boards made of real solid wood. don’t know the type of wood but it was light in color and had a fresh smell. My hand hurt after it, but the satisfaction of breaking stuff with my scrawny 14 year old(at the time) fist was awesome.

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My first karate teacher started at age 5 to study his art. He was very talented and was a 6th dan black belt when I knew him. However, my second teacher started studying at the age of 19. He achieved his black belt in about 3 years, but never made it past 3rd dan due to personality issues. He also was talented, but he was never as smooth as the first man.

I know a lot of folks who started studying martial arts when they went off to college. If they worked out several times a week and worked hard at learning the katas and the various blocks, kicks and strikes, and if they worked on their humility, it was very possible to attain the black belt by the time they graduated, so in about three to four years.

In fact, I started studying martial arts in college. I went to three classes a week, and sometimes a fourth special class called 1000 technique night. I ran five miles daily, and I lifted weights to gain strength. I tested for my black belt after three years of study, but was injured during the test and so was unable to continue.

So, yes, it is very possible to attain the rank of black belt even if you start in your 20’s. You might not get to the higher levels of black belt, but you will still have amassed the skill to be accepted as a practitioner.

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@SuperMouse Oh both of course. Can’t have one without the other!

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Pretty damn easy. I would suggest something with a little more challenge. Try Capoeira. It is a 25 year commitment to become a master and there is a hell of a lot more to it than just kicking and forms.

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Perhaps it is my being naive but why would it not be possible to attain a black belt in any martial art due to being 21? If you are capable of learning and applying the techniques that are taught correctly and with a reasonable degree of precision then surely you can reach atleast 1st Dan regardless of age.

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It depends on the kind of 21 year old guy you are. If you’re in shape, quick, coordinated, and reasonably strong it is probably pretty easy. If you’re a little skinny guy who sits at the computer all day and can barely pick up his laptop then you will spend a long time having the young ladies in the dojo kick you around before you can advance.

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