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How do kisses differ across cultures/countries?

Asked by aiwendil (561points) February 22nd, 2010

So, obviously kissing in general is handles differently in different cultures. Ranging from kissing (cheeks) on first encounters and social norms forbidding kisses exchanged between non-married people.

But, I’m just saying in the case where two people are already kissing, lips to lips, not just pecking… are there different standards for a “good” kiss? I realize that different people will have different ideas of what a good kiss is, but generally, I think there’s a fairly unified idea of “good” (ie: wide mouthed kisses and lots of tongue shoving would be bad, at least to me).

I’ve had a couple of encounters with two Indian guys in the past and while they kissed a little differently, they felt generally the same. A little tentative in that there was never a coming up for breath issue, and too much tongue shoving for my taste.
Were they both just bad kissers? Or did it have to do with where they came from.

I’m not sure if I really explained what I wanted to say or if I’m asking the right question I want to ask, but we’ll see.

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Need any volunteers for a cross-cultural study?

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I had a French boyfriend the summer I was 17. He gave me french lessons and kissed me a lot. With my eyes closed, (or open), he was a wonderful kisser. (Plus, his family had the only private hot shower in town, which I was permitted to use.)

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I’ve heard that the eskimos kiss with their noses

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All I want to know is, did French Kissing really originate in France?

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@Bluefreedom They just call it kissing.

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@janbb:If you translate “kiss me” into colloquial French, it becomes a familiar and rude expression meaning, “Let’s do it.” (Sort of.)

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@janbb. Thanks. Just checking. =)

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@janbb: Je t’attends.

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@gailcalled Funny story (sort of) about that. I used to send post cards in French from France to my daughter-in-law’s Brittany spaniel. (Don’t ask.) In one, I had written what I thought was I wish to kiss you but instead was…... My daughter-in-law was highly amused by my faux pas, or in this case, faux paw.

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@janbb: Short pause here while I laugh. Post cards to a dog? Why not?

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@janbb: ^^That was not a sentence but a clause.

Snow here for the next year or so. I gotta go stock up on everything while I still can get out.

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@gailcalled Au revoir, ma petite.

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