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Girlfriend wants to work things out but says she is still going to be going out without me?

Asked by kelmo (55points) February 23rd, 2010

My girlfriend and I have been on a break for a month and a half. I caught her talking to some other girl and she has feelings for this other person. My girlfriend told me a week ago that she wants to work things out with me but says working things out means that she will not talk to this girl anymore. I have checked her cell phone records and I see texts that are sent back and forth from her and this girl. She has told me that she is going to stop talking to her for me because she wants to work things out with me and she has promised on us that she will not talk to this girl. I want to fight for her because I love her but it hurts so much. I have cheated on her in the past and she went through the same thing I’m going through so I don’t know what to do now. I get told to just do whats best for me so that I can be happy which is moving out and moving on then I get told that all my girlfriend wants is for me to show her that I love her and that’s what I’ve been doing. Please help what do you think I should do?

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Why not just accept her promises and try together still to make your relationship work out? That’s what both of you want, it seems.
You say you cheated on her, and she went through the same painful feelings you’re having now. But you’re still together. Now you’re being subjected to the same trials she went through then.
She managed to handle it without ending your relationship. Don’t you think you can do the same?

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Why were you looking at her phone records?

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Neither of you are trustworthy. You’ve both cheated on each other and you’re continuing to invade her privacy. No good will ever come from this relationship. You both need to grow the hell up.

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There is too much “he said-she said” in this relationship for it ever to work. you both have had bad relationships before and one would think both of you would have learned from your past mistakes. apparently, not. what is your problem with her girlfriend? are they lovers and you are jealous or what?

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You know her better than us. How honest do you think she is being? Can you trust her? Can she trust you. As cliche as it sounds, a relationship with out trust is doomed from the beginning… BUT, trust CAN be gained. At first I had those issues with my BF, but then again, neither of us have ever cheated on one another. Either way, after many long ordeals, I managed to gain trust in him. It took a while of heart ache and tears, on both our sides, but it happened.

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Dump her ass.

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obsess much? dont be that obsessive controlling clingy freak tha no one wants to go out with, if it fails after you’ve shown trust you dont want to be with her anyway…just relax and let nature take its course….

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