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Do you believe that "The third time is a charm". has merit?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 6th, 2010

Seems like when i’m doing something that is troublesome or just doesn’t seem to come together, the third attempt seems to work.
People will say on the third try, don’t worry, the third times a charm. Any experiences with this?

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If it does, then my third wife (whoever and wherever she may be) is in for one hell of a sweet ride. Or maybe I am. Either way, it sounds good.

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It has validity in the realm of love. One crush, two crush, gold.

The rest of life? I haven’t seen no charmin’ threes. Do good on the test the first time, or fail. Chose your major well the first time, or waste several years of your life at the starting line. Pick the right job the first time, or you may be stuck in a /love relationship with the company for the next decade. Buy a quality car the first time, or you’re find yourself losing thousands several repair bills and two cars later. Eat right the first time, or get stuck wasting hundreds on diet pills and vegan courses for the next five years.

With the small things in life, three x’s is good. With the major things in life, a three times allowance is risky.

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It’s just a superstition, it seems like it works because you learn from your mistakes.

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No. That’s just ridiculous.

See confirmation bias.

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I’d have to agree with @Blackberry. It’s a superstition that came from people learning from their mistakes.

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I think it is just the way in which we notice things.

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hate/love relationship with…

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I don’t limit myself to just three times.I am very stubborn about my stubborness ;)

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Well, you’ve had two times to practice before so the third time just might work better than the first or second.

I think the two previous failures just make us take more notice of a success.

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For me it would have to be at least 15 before I start to get it right.

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