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Who is the best rock composer of all time?

Asked by mmckenzie21 (23points) March 4th, 2008
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Hard to top Lennon/McCartney.

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agreed, followed closely by Jagger/Richards

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Weezer is alright

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Page/Plant, hands down.Achille’s Last Stand is one of the best songs ever!

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That’s tough. I haven’t done much Stones, but how can I disagree with any of these? Radiohead would be mine. That may be because they are my favorite band, but it may also be because of the simple, yet complex, nature of the music, at least in my opinion.

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TREY ANASTASIO… The question is composer, not song writer. Nobody tops Lennon/McCartney at writing catchy/great songs, but nobody compares to Phish when it comes to full compositions. Listen to “You Enjoy Myself” by Phish. Hands down the greatest rock composition of all time.

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