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What's a geologists job like?

Asked by scuba16 (4points) February 25th, 2010

I’m thinking of going to college to become a geologist, I’m interested in the earth and the environment. I’d like to become a geologist because the job involves just that. But I’m not sure what kind of geologist I should become. I don’t want a low paying job because I’d like to be successful like any normal person. Whats the job like for those who are one, is it a fun job? How long would it take to become a geologist manager? Thanks for the help everyone!

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A really happy geologist, doing research – going around and looking at soils and rocks I presume.
A probably not as happy geologist (and most will find employment as such) – looking for oil/fossil fuels for some big corp.

I’m not a geologist, but I have a couple of friends that are.

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I’m not a geologist, but I often work directly with them on ecological projects. The field of geology is wide open; you could focus on understanding biogeochemistry, understanding plate tectonics, focus on archaeology or pedology, etc. The possibilities are really wide open to whatever particular aspects of geology you find most interesting. The job aspects are also quite variable. You could be a researcher working in conjunction with a University, a field researcher, work for a government agency like the USGS, or find work with a private company. It really depends on which direction you steer your geology career.

I would advise you to make a visit to a University, and talk to someone in the geology department. They can give you the best answers as to what types of geology jobs you could obtain, necessary schooling, and salaries for various positions. Best of luck!

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The geologists you often work with, do they seem like they like the job their doing?

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Absolutely. Most of them do field research on projects during the spring and summer, and perform data analysis in the fall and winter. Additionally, most of them are associated with a University, so they also teach or work in a university lab. But they all seem unanimous in loving what they do. It’s a very interesting topic to research, and they often get to travel to unique places to perform their research.

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Yeah it seems like a good job, exactly why I’d love to do it! I’m not the office type being a Geologist or Geophysicist seems like a great job, thanks for the help!

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Not really answering the question, but let me offer that one of my professors in college in Denver was a geologist who went by the nickname Doc Rocks and he was one of the most fulfilled professionals I have ever met. He loved his career and was enthralled with the study of rocks. Sincere good luck to you!

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I have met a couple geologists that work for oil and gas companies. They make well over 100k and love their job. I would look at companies like that and see what they look for.

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Here’s Dr. Jack Mustard, a geo friend of mine. He is a professor at Brown, teaches, advises grad. students on their PhDs., does tons of research and has written dozens of papers. He was part of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter project…vv

His areas of expertise are earth and Martian geology. You can read about his education, teaching, research and Martian missions here.

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It an be very rocky at times.

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