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Need some tips on putting text on images and making the text stand out.

Asked by Siblinings (136points) February 26th, 2010

I’ve tried a few things such as putting thick outline, trying t ochange the contrast of the image.

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Make the text the opposite of the image’s color (if it’s mostly black, make it white) or put a colored box behind it.

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Creat a shadow with the text. Use one text box with desired color and lay another one underneath it with a contrasting color, setting the size one or 2 sizes bigger.

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@njnyjobs beat me to it – using a shadow should work well, as long as you pick the right colors.

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There are many ways, some of which will depend on the software you have available. You can try a drop shadow as suggested, but that is only effective if the background doesn’t change very much. One of the most effective methods is to use an emboss filter or similar.

This first link shows several types of text on an image. The “60/60 days” was a part of a photo challenge that I participated in last year – take a new photo every day for sixty days. I just created a simple Photoshop action to add the text to each image.

The next two shows how it contrasts on quite different backgrounds.

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create shadow behind the text or place inner or outer glow

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