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Have you ever heard of bipolar autism? Could this be a new disorder on the rise?

Asked by CharlieGirl (438points) March 1st, 2010

I was researching the symptoms online and I seem to be in this group.Do you think that it is possible to have a combined symptom disorder or both bipolar AND autism? My chances of diagnosis are probably slim to none as I’m an adult.What do you think about all this? Please be nice.:)

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You never know, the world’s full of possibilities. :) If you are concerned about this…you can always go check it out with an expert in the field, but as you said, the chances of diagnosis are pretty slim.

Best Wishes.

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I suspect this is just another flash-in-the-pan label to slap on people with mental health issues which will help the drugs companies peddle another load of old bollocks!

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@Cloverfield True to that on the labels,but drugs do help some,and since I’ve been on mine,they’ve pulled me out of a funk like 380 babe.Just sayin.:)

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They frequently appear together. There is speculation that low levels of reelin protein in the brain can lead to a diagnosis of either or both. Schizophrenia and major depression can fall in this category as well.

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Don’t research symptoms and diagnose yourself. It’s almost always wrong. If all it took to have a disorder was the existence of symptoms then everyone would have something. The key is that the symptoms have to cause problems in your life either to yourself or others.

If you really want to see if you have this disorder or any other go see a licensed psychologist.

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Many people with high-functioning autism or Aspergers Syndrome have been previously misdiagnosed with ADD, bipolar or OCD as they share some symptoms. I have Aspergers Syndrome, but had been misdiagnosed several times before. I’m not a mental health professional, so I don’t know if it’s possible to actually have more than one of these conditions.

As an adult diagnosed with AS, there is not much that can be done about it. The only treatments (there is no cure) are aimed at children and adolescents. An adult can make progress, but it’s very slow and frustrating.

I recommend that you get evaluated and diagnosed, since bipolar disorder is highly treatable. Even with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, you would at least have the peace of mind from knowing what it is.

Sometimes just knowing the characteristics of AS can help you conciously avoid displaying certain of the associated traits. For example, I now avoid discussing topics that I’m interested in F2F unless I know for certain that the other person is interested.

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@theichibun that is the exact reason that I try to find diagnosises,because my life is in ruins with my mind.Thank you all.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I can understand what you are saying too.I was also diagnosed as having ADHD as a child,but as I got older,was diagnosed as bi-polar,then Asperger’s syndrome,as I’ve gotton older,so I might have this bi-polar that makes me autistic-like and lower functioning as I go along,you know?

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@CharlieGirl It may also be that the AS has been misdiagnosed as ADHD or bipolar. Did any of the meds for bipolar do you any good? Sometimes antidepressants can make you feel better with the AS, but don’t really change the symptoms any.

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They never worked for me in the past,but I’m on some now that are working!

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@CharlieGirl If the meds are working, maybe the diagnosis was correct. I read somewhere that if none of the bipolar meds work, it’s because you’re not bipolar.

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The bi-polar meds never worked for me,but I’m taking anti-depressants and anti-phychotics now because of a diagnosis of scitzophrenia.Mabe it was that the whole time,I don’t know anymore.

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If you find something that helps you live better, stick with it.

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Yes.Thank you.:)

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