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What are some good fitness magazines to subscribe to?

Asked by mowens (8379points) March 1st, 2010

I want to subscribe to some fitness magazines/journals.

I was looking at The American Journal of Exercise Physiologists, but it appears to only be available online. I need for it to be a magazine or something, I do not retain information like that if I read it on a computer screen.

Men’s health is on my list. What about Do they have an offline publication? What are some other suggestions?

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I think it will depend on your fitness preference and interest as there are body building, running, hiking, new age health etc. magazines. Mens Health is a great publication and will cover the whole gamut at some point in the year.

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Good point. I am looking to get is strong as I can, and be as cut as possible while doing so. So, I would need something on nutrition, and weight lifting. I do cardio too, but cardio is not something I think I need to be reading about – it is pretty simple. :)

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Men’s health is a great magazine. It has a lot of fitness exercises, tips, and what I like most, scientifically based studies on fitness as well as health and diet plans.

You may want to look into Muscle & Fitness. They are very similar to Men’s Health, but usually have more workout plans available. My dad subscribes to both and I have learned a lot from every issue

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The non- homoerotic ones.

(If they exist)

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Heh, I’m gay…. so it doesnt really bother me. :)

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Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development, IronMan, MuscleMag

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