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What would be the consequences of an "anonymize" feature?

Asked by nikipedia (27531points) March 1st, 2010

I think it would be nice if established users had the option to post a question anonymously. Like, if someone has sufficient lurve points or days since joined, we can tick off a box in the question-writing process that allows us to ask a question anonymously.

What think you? Pros? Cons?

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People would turn into total assholes – like on Craigslist or Yahoo Games. It is amazing how people degenerate into trolls when they think no one knows who they are. I actually like (prefer) how Craigslist is run, but Fluther is too bent on being positive for anonymity and boundless freedom to work here.

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You can create a second account.

Kinda lame in my opinion, but nobody’s stopping you.

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^ Too much work for me lol, but good point.

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It works well on Metafiter. When you ask a anonymous question it goes into a queue and then the mods approve it and it gets posted.

Or you could simply do what everyone else does and make a second account for questions you don’t want your name attached to.

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@lilikoi: But I really don’t think that would happen. Let’s say anonymizing is (at least at first pass) just for the process of asking questions, not answering.

If you have an established user, this person is really unlikely to want to troll the site with bullshit questions. Even if that person did want to troll, that person would probably have created a troll account to begin with.

@johnpowell: This is a good potential solution, but not ideal. I think that in creating a second account, you end up creating a second persona for yourself that is asking this weird subset of verboten questions. Answerers can link those questions together even when they’re not really related; as a question poser you may continue to feel some level of restriction because your questions can be linked together… it doesn’t give you the level of freedom and openness that a truly anonymous account does.

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Anonymous question asking is on the queue, similar to what jp described.

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@andrew: I love you guys a little bit more every day.

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Metafilter has a way to anonymously post questions that seems to work well, and that would be fine here. Making a new account just to ask extremely personal questions seems redundant.

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