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How do you feel when you get a notice that you have certified mail at the post office?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 4th, 2010

Well….I have one. It fills me with dread, even though I haven’t done anything wrong. That I know of….

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Good news rarely comes by certified mail.

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Hey, Uncle Harry has died and his attorney has sent me a certified letter to invite me to the reading of his will. i must admit, that most certified mail letters are not good news. but, it could happen….........good news for you.

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Usually annoyed….. I dont want to go to the sodding post office!

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I’m kind of immune to the threat of certified mail since I send and recieve it all the time. My landlord is an asshole and likes to lie about how timely I am in turning in my rent. I’ve had to pay late fees when I wasn’t late because she made up some bullshit story about how it showed up 7 days late or something.

I send my rent by certified mail so she can’t pull that crap.

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Curious, usually about what hassle is to come.

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My latest eBay find has arrived. Always a good feeling.

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I look at who sent the letter first. If it’s from someone I don’t want or need to hear from, I don’t bother going for it. If it is from someone I want to hear from, my SO gets it on Saturday, because i am not going to take time from work for a letter.

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guilty somehow. and annoyed that I have to go to the stupid post office. they aren’t really open convenient hours for me.

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CL’s are rarely good but when they are they are often real good!

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I get very worried that it is something serious. However I will tell you the most serious things ever given me did not come by certified mail at all. It is usually something where a company is required to give me notice and wants to prove they did so.

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I like to refuse them.

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curious,because it is beyond the norm for me.

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Excited. I love getting mail, better yet, packages.

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Like a million bucks!that’s what I won,right??

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Apprehensive. And a strong urge to use the bathroom.

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Means another helicopter has arrived!

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Excited! I love mail. If it’s a package, it can only be something good.

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Well hail! I owed the bank $15.00 on my safe deposit box. That’s all. I paid it….what I can’t believe is that they didn’t charge a single late fee, or try to recoup their costs in sending the mail. I felt bad. I would have been OK with paying some extra, but they didn’t charge anything extra.

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@Val123 they sent you a certified letter for that? Couldn’t they have just called?

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@lazydaisy You’d think! Especially since we’re all on a first name basis! I banked there for a lot of years. However, I switched banks a couple of years ago, but didn’t switch over my safe deposit box.

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@Val123 seems like overkill, but I’m sure they had some official reason for being so proper

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@lazydaisy I agree. I rather wish they HAD charged me something extra to assuage my guilt!

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I have only received one unexpected letter by certified mail and it was not good.

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@Val123 maybe you should send them cookies. hehe

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@lazydaisy I just might do that!!

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If I’m not expecting a Certified Letter/Package from anyone I know, I ignore it. My PO is open earlier than most and has longer hours on Saturdays but I’m not going out of my way for something unknown. Latey, what used to be sent as Certified Mail has been delivered by UPS and FedEx, left at my doorstep. My question with that is whether a driver’s note in their electronic tracking system will suffice as evidence that it was delivered to me when no one actually signed for it.

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@njnyjobs Certified mail can mean legal troubles that you need to nip in the bud. Best not to ignore it. That’s the reason they require a signature, so whoever has absolute proof that you got the message.

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@Val123 oh I know that, that’s why I ignore them… and by law without proof of notice they can’t proceed with anything… I guess when they received the CL back as not delivered, then they send out the subpoena server… then I let my lawyer take care of it. ; )

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@njnyjobs I love that. I guess you can find out who it is from before accepting it.

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Complete utter terror.

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I go to our little, rural post office almost every day, since I live too far from a main road (or should I say, the only main road) to get mail delivered. I really enjoy it.

We catch up on gossip, local news, and shoot the breeze. I see acquaintances there daily. I prefer certified mail to the catalogues I routinely have to recycle.

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About as oh gee swell as a mailbox fulla overdue bills.

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@lazydaisy Thinking about it, it wasn’t overkill. I mean, people could have a million dollars and the royal jewels stashed in their boxes, and if the bank needs absolute proof that they contacted the person before they go and drill the lock and clean out the box!

In my case, it was overkill. I don’t anything at all of value in there!

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Doesn’t bother me at all. Usually the notice will have on it who sent it. If you don’t sign for it in a few days, it is returned to the sender.

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