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How do you maintain your sanity?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30822points) March 6th, 2010

There are many distractions in our busy 21st century world, too many to name here. How do you sift through it all and maintain your core?

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People can maintain their sanity?! Why didn’t anyone tell me!
just kidding
I probably maintain my sanity with sarcasm and jokes

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I set aside vast amounts of self time. It’s just me, my writing, and occasionally my ipod. I am also fortunate enough to live in a “countryish” area. The people around here are more into the outdoors. Downtown is small (we only have one mall) and apartments are rare. The trails outside town are much more entertaining.

I pay more attention to inside me then outside [yes I know, that sounds rather vain]. Inside is still an exciting realm, but it is consistent. I know what to expect (unlike the outside world).

Self discipline is one of the greatest weapons against being sucked down the 21st century drain…from my new and limited experience.

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I can’t claim that I ever had enough sanity to maintain in the first place. The filter that I have is the big tune-out. This comes from having children….I think.
If I hadn’t had them, I may have completely lost it because I wouldn’t have been trained to tune stuff out.
That’s my theory and it’ll do until I can come up with a better one.

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I stay off of Yahoo! Answers, and I try not to look at the comments on Youtube. I haven’t figured out a way to ignore the chain comments on Facebook groups, yet.

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I don’t. I go with the flow.

What is sanity anyway? Nothing more then a crazy way to hold it all together.

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@ChocolateReigns That’s a great piece of advice on the Yahoo sector…some of the questions on there are hysterical, but “anti-sanity” in the long run. ;)

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Being occupied. Relax your mind,and keep your body healthy.

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I don’t.

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Maintain? I’m trying to regain my sanity.Medication and hard physical work. My sanity has become a fragile thing in recent months.

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@``0..(**( ¬<>,,,,-___>.!..?.., ..

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Too late for that =)

Probably, it would be by having an inner world, which can’t get battered by the outer world… I suppose. I like to go and sit under trees near streams and listen to gothic metal, and (this part doesn’t sound to sane I know) feel the beauty of all the things/ souls that I feel exist within me, and I exist within as well.

Sometimes ya still loose it, and that’s hard to get to, but I don’t know what would happen if there was no protection from row after row of heat magazine and the endless series x factor. >=/

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I get out and take a hike in the woods or sit in my backyard and enjoy the quiet.

I really need my quiet time

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By not sweating the small stuff.

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By spending time with people who truly love you and don’t expect anything. Oh and I have quite a lot of time to myself which I realise I need badly!

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I put the brakes on when things get too hectic. I don’t let myself get too crowded or too stressed. I know when I have to say no. Also I allow myself recovery time after things that take a lot out of me, and I enjoy plenty of discretionary time—much easier now that my work schedule is minimal.

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It’s never been much of an issue. As long as you have the courage of your own convictions, maintaining your own sanity shouldn’t be any more difficult than remembering to breathe.

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no not really, my answer would be very much like @Jeruba ‘s.

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Anti-depressants, yoga, tango, love, sex, reading.

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I self medicate.

A lot.

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1. Intimacy with Husband.
2. Music.
3. Exercise.
4. Snuggles from my pets.

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social isolation and digital t.v.

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Maintain my sanity?

Ill have to try that sometime, I never thought of it!

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In this life, there are many things i can correct, learn or make a difference. there are other things that i cannot change or make a difference. for those things i cannot change or make a difference…...i do not worry about. this only creates heart disease and ulcers.

As a rookie cop, i attempted to arrest all the bad guys at one time. i soon realized that this was not possible for one human being. it only gave me ulcers.

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Motorcycle riding does it for me. : )

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First off, I understand
that there’s nothing you think you have
or think you own
that someone cannot
if they want it bad enough, except

…your peace of mind.

Peace of mind is the only thing you have that cannot be taken.
You either surrender it or exchange it for “angry ghosts” ie. distractions.

Understanding this makes it easy to maintain one’s sanity…
...that is, if you consider yourself sane.

After all, who in their “right” mind gives up their only truly valuable possession

for nothing.

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I gave up on that ages ago.

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Nothing of it left to maintain!

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I break a bit off in the morning and have it with my coffee.

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Psychological hygiene.

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Interesting phrase @mattbrowne. You’ve given me something to ponder.

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