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Has The Obama Deception hit the mainstream yet?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) March 7th, 2010

I would like to see some facts that disprove the facts in this documentary. Can u give me some? Seriously, i’m not pushing this, I just want reasons NOT to believe what’s being said in this video, and does the American public believe in what is being said here? Does the mainstream public even entertain the idea that Obama isn’t the saint they thought he was? This documentary makes extraordinary claims, I would like to see evidence disproving this. I don’t want to believe the things that are being said in this video in full in parts

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Objection. Leading the witness your honor.

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“Watch this 2 hour movie! I don’t support this, I’m just asking questions!”


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Nobodies being or been deceived they are merely waking up to the fact they voted for a person primarily on hope and change and are finally realizing the gravity of that decision.

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Has The Anti-Obama Polemics Hit the Mainstream Conspiracy Theory Collection Yet? Has Anyone Been Abducted By Aliens Too? Extraordinary Claims Tabloid Material?

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there’s always something hidden it seems. another puppet show?

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Creepy music and an ominous voice are always a bad sign for truth.

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For those of you who don’t want to watch the whole thing, here it is in a nutshell. In short, total and utter bullshit.

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Honestly, both parties lie blatantly about what the other beleives in and has accomplished, so I don’t know who to believe any more. I certainly wouldn’t believe this video, but neither would I believe what the Democrats say in response to it. Both parties just parrot what their corporate masters tell them to, anyway…

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Debunking this nonsense is a piece of cake.

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While we’re on the subject of asking people to disprove a set of assertions as if they’d be true by default if nobody can, here’s a quote I’ve come across from a guy called Gilovich. I’m not saying it’s true, but I’d just like to know what you think.

“Conclusions a person does not want to believe are held to a higher standard than conclusions a person wants to believe. In the former case, the person asks if the evidence compels one to accept the conclusion, whereas in the latter case, the person asks instead if the evidence allows one to accept the conclusion.”

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@mattbrowne pls do, that is what I am really asking for

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If Glenn Beck would disprove the allegation he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, parents across America could rest easier. Why doesn’t he simply present the counter-evidence and debunk the story? Why?

I’m not pushing this. I would be happy to know Beck is innocent. But the question is out there.

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@YoKoolAid I’m interested in the video but don’t have time to watch it. Could you summarize a few of the most egregious allegations for us to consider?

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That will be hard, because from what I have seen so far, the narrative jumps from person to person, from point to point, always avoiding establishing any clear structure, so that the viewer is forced to accept each point on its own, without the opportunity to make sense of it, while the creepy music in the background conjures up emotions, which reinforce the absorbtion.
This ‘documentary’ is highly manipulative and from that fact alone emanates an aura of dishonesty.

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@ragingloli I thought you were talking about malevolentbutticklish from for just a sec.

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A few brave correspondents discovered the fact that Obama is the Kenyan Candidate, programmed by his mother, Angela Lansbury, a corrupt N. Korean secret agent, to destroy the automobile industry, the health care industry and the bio-fuels industry in the United States.

Each of these intrepid reporters has been found dead from “natural causes” in Lindsay Lohan’s bed. Coincidence? I think not.

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@ragingloli not our problem, we didn’t ask the question

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Wait… so the destruction of the second amendment would make the US like Nazi Germany? And so would national service? Israel has national service. Israel. Yeah, Nazi Germany…

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I saw that whole video, and I’m actually sort of fond of the producer of that movie.

However…. the movie is misleading in the sense that it gives the impression that Barack Obama is the epitome and pinnacle of the New World Order.

Anyone who observed George Bush realized that the biggest slip into an anti-Democracy was under that particular man, Dick Cheney, and their whole cabal of PNAC-influenced authoritarians.

The biggest problem with Barack Obama is that he’s basically watering down and continuing Bush policies.

But still… “watering down” means he’s a slight improvement over Bush… not the inevitable horror that Bush was leading into as this movie implies.

The movie also plays on the Republican meme that Obama is a “Socialist”. Its really sad that modern Americans can fall for such baseless propaganda.

The movie is not a Republican movie at all though; It truthfully tears down both parties. But it does a disservice when it implies Obama is somehow more horrible than Bush.

The parts of the movie dealing with “false flag operations” is 100% true, however. And Americans should be ashamed of themselves for never learning about (much less even believing in) things like Operation Ajax and Operation Northwoods, in which American politicians try to murder American and other civilians to put a trick blame on enemy regimes).

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I never expected a saint as a presidential candidate. You don’t get elected or even get the chance if you can’t backstab and lie with the best of em. As for all of this I think Obama is trying to do what he and his cabinet think best. It may not be best, but he thinks it is. He definitely doesn’t like compromise, but he will have to learn to deal with it. Otherwise nothing he wants to do will happen without a major fight. I wish him luck. He has the hardest job in the country. I just wonder why anyone would want to do it. Even presidents who do what people seem to want just get bashed and slandered to hell.

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@YoKoolAid Why you are correct, soylent green IS tasty, thank you.

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None of this surprises me. As I have been at great pains to say for many years now, the two major parties are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, twins.

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@Just_some_guy Funny you should use the word “backstab”. That seems to be the word of the week. Who is leading the lemmings?

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But what does everyone think about the whole military-industrial control thing and about the bankers controlling everything? (don’t answer unless you watched and know what I am talking about)

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It seems to me there is more than ample evidence that the inmates are running the asylum and we’re all being manipulated through fear and intimidation.

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@Just_some_guy – The Democrats are willing to compromise – they just can’t find another major party in the Senate or House that is willing to compromise with them. ;)

It’s hard to compromise with anyone who keeps rejecting their own demands.

That said – I recognize this is drift from the original question. Carry on, folks.

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That is what he has been trying to do all this time: Compromise with republicans. That is why the health reform bill has been constantly watered down, to get republicans on board. But no matter how much he tries, republicans say no, because they want him to fail so they can get back to power.

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Space Dragons!

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@CaptainHarley That’s happened with every President and Congress that we’ve had (at least) in my lifetime. Your point?

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As for Obama compromising He seems to like the agree now approach which he has shown since he became president. I think he is learning tho. I do not think he is some evil person working for Banks or other high power companies or the people who run them. So far he seems to be pretty sincere. He needs to keep from becoming frustrated with the system, and trying to circumnavigate it could be a huge problem. There is a reason our government works as it does. If one party ran the country it would be no better then one dictator.
As for this Obama deception. Anyone can and usually does bend or break the truth to fit their needs. I think that this video is no exception. I really hope people don’t take too much of this seriously without at least looking for some proof.

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First, one would have to make an uninformed assumption that people like me voted for Obama because we actually believed he was some sort of supernatural political messiah. That assumption would be incorrect. Most of us didn’t make that particular distinction at all. We knew he was a man, a flesh and blood man, an electable human with a good sense of forward vision and the stamina of youth. If Obama hadn’t been elected, things could certainly have turned out much, much worse. Caribou Barbie (a.k.a. Sarah Palin) COULD be Vice-President (shudder) and Congress has enough problems as it stands. With a cursory nod to brevity, we had hoped for the best and we still do.

Second, we never claimed that he was a Messiah of any kind. The Republican slime machine and his unofficial detractors, the myopic Teabagger set, gave him that label. Those who voted for him did not delude themselves by believing that he was some kind of mythical being who would magically vanquish the current elitist, good-ol’-boy network that continues to sell us out to corporate interests and drain America of it’s wealth, it’s freedoms and ultimately, it’s pride.

We DID indeed claim that Obama was the smarter bet given his geriatrically-challenged opponent, because out of those two candidates, at least Obama was offering a chance to finally do things right… and to do the right things.

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… and had a running mate that wasn’t a total flake.

Personally, I was actually undecided until McCain announced Palin as his running mate. After that, I went through about 27 different variations of facepalming and then went strongly and unreservedly for Obama.

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@jerv – I would have voted for an Independent before I voted for Bush Light.

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Alex Jones(radio_host) again. He mixes enough truth with his brand of fiction to be convincing to the naive and poorly educated, but if you watch enough of his “documentaries”, they ultimately lead to a 250 year-old world-wide conspiracy theory involving mysticism, evil masons, and a Global Jewish Conspiracy going back to Nathan Meyer Rothschild. He is a half-educated, crypto-Christian, anti-Semitic, small time Texas radio hack cloaking himself as a Libertarian. Fuck him. He’s a jerk.

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@YoKoolAid – Well, you’ve got 1.4 million web pages to find out how the ‘Obama Deception Conspiracy Theory’ can be debunked, see

YouTube is not always a reliable source. When we learn about such a deception on PBS or CNN then it might be time to consider it seriously. Anyone can upload nonsense in YouTube.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly Not an option most of the time. I wish the US wasn’t so anti-third-party, but it seems like if you don’t have a donkey or an elephant on your podium then you have zzero chance of winning an election.

@mattbrowne “Anyone can upload nonsense in YouTube.”… and they usually do :D

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@vincentcent It was my own use of the word and I have no idea were else it was used. Of course we once again see people attack someone rather than put out some intelligent idea. I think that is a huge part of the problem in our government. Kinda like the guy who makes these videos pointing out small parts of a speech without giving the overall idea behind them. Thank you have a nice day. : )

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Everything @Espiritus_Corvus said about the filmmaker is pretty much arguably true… except for the antisemitic accusation. The filmmaker, Mr. Jones, has never said anything antisemetic. He’s just constantly being accused of such. He is anti-Israeli policy (it’s not a mask for anti-antisemitism in this case; he’s equally against American and UK Policies of similar natures).

The man does have a streak of paranoia, but at the same time he has truthfully uncovered or exposed many facts that the mainstream media refuses to touch upon more than once in fleeting mentions.

He errs in some conclusions by jumping too far sometimes… but he does not lie about the facts at hand used to lead up to his conclusions. Although sometimes he does lie through omission, but he is less guilty of that than the mainstream media. Thanks to Alex Jones, the general public is now aware of the existence of CFR, Skull & Bones, the emergency shadow cabinet, false flag operations, and more.

One can draw up their own conclusions about those things… but the mainstream media doesn’t even mention them. They’ll make sure America knows all about Paris Hilton, yeah… but if American joint chiefs of staff conspire to murder Americans in order to blame another government… well to them, that’s just not very important for people to know about. How often did Fox or CNN even mention the Downing Street Memos? (OK so Keith Olbermann has… but don’t forget Olbermann wasn’t hired until Bush’s SECOND term. Nor was any other anchor or commentator who dared criticize the war or Bush).

Because of Alex Jones, I have become aware of just how evil my own government can get. And it’s the responsibility of each person within their own nation, to expose and reform their own nation’s wrongdoings, to the degree they can.

Alex Jones comes from a background of being a paranoid right wing loudmouth. But he has evolved over the years into becoming a paranoid, gumshoe journalist, truthtelling loudmouth. He does have his faults, like I listed above. I’d never elect him, or anyone who worships him as a hero, into office. I take exception to him actually thinking Obama is as bad, or worse than Bush. But I owe him thanks for telling me about Operation Northwoods, Operation Ajax, the U.S.S. Liberty, and other things. I owe him thanks when he interviews CIA and NSA agents who have quit their jobs to expose corruption.

Although I disagree with Alex Jones politically much of the time, I appreciate the fact he is anti-authoritarian government, and he hates predators with every fiber of his soul, and just wants to protect the innocent. He may be wrong on some things, and he may be a loudmouth… but unlike much of America when it comes to issue-based philosophies… his heart is in the right place, even despite his rightwing, political-christian tendencies.

Like a good man should, he struggles with his own inconsistencies, faults, and hypocrisies and occasionally mentions such things.

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Funny how Palin can use Canadian healthcare that she publicly despises and get a pass on that sort of hypocrisy while Obama can’t catch a break.

Funny how everything bad that happened under Bush-43 was due to Clinton, yet everything bad that is happening under Obama is Obama’s fault while everything good that happened since 1980 is due to the GOP.

Ah well. Truth and politics never went together anyways, so we may as well try to see the humor in them. Too bad this stuff affects lives and livelihoods….

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There is no Obama deception. The reality of the matter is Obama knew he was inheriting a shit sandwich and made a fatal mistake of being overly optimistic and selling us a bill of goods. The majority of Amercians were simply too desperate to see the real task at hand and bought into this promise of hope and change. The Republicans knew this and is why they put up the old guy and the dame as sacrificial lambs to run for the one term train wreck they knew was coming and save the stronger candidates for 2012.

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We tend to read into what we see those things we WANT to see and ignore the rest.

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@Cruiser – While it is true that Obama inherited a shit sandwich, there are no fatal mistakes being made, except maybe by the opposition or those who would prefer to spend their time deriding the incumbent instead of living and working together in the real world for the common good. And, there was no desperation on the part of those who voted for him either. Just forward vision and common sense. That’s something the Republicans didn’t seem to be able to offer America. Sadly enough, 2012 won’t be much different for them, either. Besides, if not Obama, then who was our other rational choice in 2008? To elect another Republican who couldn’t care less about what America wants? We’ve been there and done that for eight miserable years with BushCo. Didn’t work then, won’t work in 2012.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly Ouch! I was almost ready to agree with with you and you used the words rational and the 2008 election in the same sentence. Neither the Reps or Dems put up their most qualified candidate and the whole election was run on pure adrenaline and emotion. I use the Palin rukus as a prime example of people not clearly thinking at the time. Sorry to say sir but it will take more than a “Kum ba yah” moment from both parties to right this ship that is sinking under the bloated thinking the Dems are throwing at this mess.

Getting our economy back in shape will take extremely painful sacrifices neither party seems willing to suggest or to take responsibility to implement. Meanwhile we get to suffer much longer than this ever should have dragged out.

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@Cruiser – There was nothing at all that was irrational about voting for Obama in 2008. And, let’s not kid ourselves, both parties put up the absolute best presidential candidates that they could find who were both brave enough or stupid enough to run for the office at that point in time. The fact remains that due to that constraints of our present electoral system, a vote for any candidate not from one of the two major parties would be a completely wasted vote and no one wants to think that they’re wasting their time. Out of the two, Obama was indeed the lesser evil. If people don’t like the way he’s doing things, that’s completely understandable, but instead of throwing an impotent hissy fit and wasting everyone’s time, why aren’t they offering some constructive alternatives? I do agree with your second paragraph, but if no one is willing to or can be made to put aside all the bullshit rhetoric and work together to right the wrongs, then maybe we deserve to fail. I really, really hope that I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary.

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@CaptainHarley I beg to differ. I want to see a system that cares less about bashing, undermining, and otherwise tangling with the opposition and more about doing what is best for our country. I haven’t seen that in a while though…

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@Kraigmo Many of Jones’ films integrate the old Global Jewish Conspiracy right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion—tired old baseless crap picked up by great guys like Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels and spread throughout the German school system and blasted into German homes by the Propaganda Ministry from 1933–1945 under Hitler. Anyone who promotes this incredible garbage is anti-Semite. Jones is most definitely anti-Semite as he has his name on these films, is involved in the scripts, arranges the financing and is responsible for distribution on his websites Infowars and Prison Planet, among other outlets. He not only promotes these ideas, he profits from them.

I have noticed in the past two years that he has softened his anti-Semite approach on his sites (except for the promotion of the films) as he has become known outside of Texas—known to conspiracy theory friendly audiences on the other side of the Mississippi that might find mystical Masonic devil worshippers and a world dominated by the illusive Illuminati easier to believe than a Global Jewish Conspiracy. In my opinion, however, this is merely a practical move on his part in order to not alienate his growing paying audience, not a change in personal beliefs.

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