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If your dog died would you replace it with the same breed or a whole new dog?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (936points) March 7th, 2010

My friend Amy has had Golden Retrievers her whole life. She said when her first died, they grieved that dog and got another Golden Retriever a year or two later. I think that’s the oddest thing, like replacing it with the same breed again and again. Everytime our dog passes, we get another breed. I think it’s like cloning the same dog because you can’t let go.

Do you get the same breed over and over again? Why?

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If I can’t do cloning, I might as well opt for whatever breed captures my attention, so that’s what I did. A specific dog can never be replaced. They will all be different, even if they were littermates.

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Phuck no. I don’t want another chihuahua.

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I’m not sure. I think that certain people will just like certain breeds of dogs, and feel a certain loyalty to them. I have only had one dog, and she is still a puppy, so I am not sure what I will do when she I don’t want to think about it passes away. I have gotten very interested in Tibetan Terriers, but I am very curious as to getting another breed; to me, it is about what dog you think is the most suitable for you. If you happen to get the right breed once, why not bring another into the family?

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@Pseudonym Because I don’t really look at dogs as in the sense “This breed is the most friendly, this is the most etc” I think of it more “This dog is really friendly, or this dog is annoying”. I’ve had an awesome chihuaha @Vunessuh but then there are some ones you want to punt across the room. It’s not the breed for me, it’s the dog

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No, I would just go to the shelter and pick the one who captures my heart.

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@AlyxCaitlin Very true. I understand what you mean. Smart way of thinking.

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@AlyxCaitlin My chihuahua is awesome and I still want to punt her across the room.
I’m done with small dogs. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane.

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I don’t see anything wrong with it. People who care about the breed got the first dog because they like the breed. They don’t stop liking a breed because one died.

But to answer your question, if my dog died, I’d eventually get another mutt, and probably try for one that’s about the same size, temperament, and grooming ease of my current girl (which I guess is kind of like getting the same breed).

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My last three have been German shepherd dogs.Same breed,different personalities.

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Seriously considering cloning. The only thing stopping me is the multitude of animals already in shelters. I’ve either gotten my animals from shelters, but more currently (dog and cat) were starving strays out in the open that I just picked up and took home.

The strays I’ve picked up have become the most loyal well adjusted companions of all.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Why would you consider cloning?

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Because I’m so fond of my current dog. I actually found a Wolf Hybrid running around the back alleys of Downtown St. Louis. His name is Pitch and we are very close.

Story has it, that someone reported a wolf mother with three cubs running stray in Forest Park. When the Humane Society went to pick them up, they got the mother but only two cubs were present. Three weeks later I found Pitch groveling in a dumpster about ten blocks away. Vet confirmed him as a Wolf/Shepherd mix. He was so wild at the beginning that my friends and I wondered if he was a truly wild feral animal. Much time was spent with his domestication, and now he is the most gentle creature I know of.

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When my toy poodle died, I got one that looked just like her but it wasn’t my intention and I never saw them as the same.

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Our dog died 4 days before this last winter. We just got another one about 3 weeks ago. Pal, the dog that just died, was a Silky (that’s the bigger one, right? I can never keep them apart) Terrier. Buddy, our new dog, is a Shi Tzu/Pomeranian/Cairn Terrier mix. We got him because he met all our requirements for a new dog, and he was really cute. That’s the dog in my profile picture.

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Alpaca or chinchilla no doubt. And when they die you’ve got something to wear. :)

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I would replace my deceased dog with another DOG. I would try to pick one whose personality and needs for activity and varied stimulation match my lifestyle.

If the replacement pet resembled a previous dog or not would be of little important to me.

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Is no one else creeped out by the term A Whole New Dog? Like you might get a partially new dog?

I have had 2 Cockers. If I got a new dog, it would be a mix, but part cocker.

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All the dogs I have had in my life were the ones that chose me, rather than the other way around. I thought for sure I would have a collie some day, but so far it hasn’t happened.

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I would never replace a family member who has passed on per se, so no.
So far as an adult dog owner I have adopted a 4 wk old puppy who picked me, and rescued 2 adult dogs.

They have all touched my life beautifully, and have sometimes been the only reason I look forward to coming home at the end of the day.

As you probably already know, the saddest thing about being a dog’s human is how short their life spans are in comparison. Although I feel really connected and drawn to certain breeds (weimaraners, border collies, labrador retrievers, greyhounds, poodles) it alone would not have that much bearing when it comes time to making the committment of adopting a new dog.

If anything, I would be more inclined to adopting a mutt, because of the known hereditary diseases associated with pedigree dogs. So to answer your question, no – the breed alone would not be the driving force.

I mean sure, I would love nothing more than to rescue weimaraners repeatedly and wind up with a pack someday, but that is more because I am in awe with that breed and they are vastly misunderstood and subsequently surrendered between the ages of 1–3 yrs of age.

I am ethically opposed to cloning, but if I weren’t, the 4 wk old puppy I adopted nearly 15 years ago would be an awesome candidate. She is a black lab/border collie who had obedience training and 5 hand signals downpat by age 6 months. She has been very healthy overall and a docile temperament.

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I say a whole new dog. If you get the same dog you’re going to have expectations for it to be just like the one before and thats just not fair to the dog.

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My dog is a Labrador-cross and I would definitely want the same again. Labs have a great temperament. I would probably go for a fifferent colour though, just because I would want the new dog to be different.

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