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Are girls offended when people enter a room and say "Hey guys"?

Asked by Arp (3516points) March 8th, 2010

I was thinking about it, and for us males, it would be kind of like a girl going into a room and saying “Hey, Ladies”... Just seems kinda weird, does it offend you, annoy you, or making you hungry?

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Not that I’m aware of.

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ha! I get Lean Pockets when people say “hey guys!”
<——-is eating a lean pocket right now.

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no, because nowadays guys is slang for “people”. you would have to be mental to get offended by that.

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no, but it’s much funnier if you say “hellloooo ladies…..”
just saying.

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It is uncanny how well you hit my reaction on the head. It makes me hungry.

In all seriousness I don’t even really notice, it is just what it is. It certainly doesn’t offend me. Now that I think about it, I refer to groups of people – be they male or female – as guys.

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The masculine is often used to refer to everyone at once. Furthermore, “guys” has evolved from the point where it only refers to males, it can refer to anyone. “Ladies” only refers to females.

I remember just the other day I addressed three girls as “you guys”. It’s a general term that also refers to males specifically. This language isn’t perfect…

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Only when they’re looking at my balls.

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@Vunessuh -Don’t wear your skirts so short!

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@starshine You get slapped for saying things like that :)

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It doesn’t matter. I think the meaning of ‘guys’ has expanded over centuries until nowadays. Which mean it’s not male only but for both gender/all people.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m Lady Gaga. I can wear whatever I want.

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@Vunessuh -Sorry,Mister.Wear what you want!!

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I say hey guys and the girls respond with “wazzup?”
It’s better than saying “good evening, laaaadies”. That always comes off creepy.

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Why’s everyone looking at balls?

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@Captain_Fantasy -Not if you say it like the Cookie Monster :)

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I don’t like it. And the really annoying part is that if you address a group of males as girls, ladies, gals, whatever, it is considered an insult. But females, I guess, are to be pleased if they are addressed as males.

When males don’t mind being called gals, then I won’t mind. In the meantime, yes it annoys me.

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I guess it could be a little weird if it were a group of only girls… i don’t think it matters too much tho

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as demetri martin said, ladies is creepy

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It doesn’t bother me but it is an interesting commentary on how our language shapes our culture and why is it the word meaning a group of men that becomes gender neutral and not the the word that means a group of women?

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Nah, “guys” can mean everyone.

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@deni hit the nail on the head.

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It doesn’t bother me at all, but I know several women older than myself that it does bother. I think it might just be a generational thing.

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Nope. I never would have thought of that as offensive it you hadn’t brought it up. True story.

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Thanks for asking this… it’s something that I’d puzzled over too.
@monocle You’re a quirky one aint ya!

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Totally makes me hungry. just kidding
Um personally at my school its not that big of a deal because girls come into rooms full of girls and say Hey Guys!!. Its just a way to state multiple people in my opinion. Think about about foreign language in French when you state a mix of males and females you say “Ils” translated to English means “Guys”. So people could have mixed reviews.

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