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Does one incident of havoc in the morning ruin your entire day?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 9th, 2010

Some people won’t feel better after something bad happens in their life early in the morning and this will continue for their entire day. Can you still manage your entire day as good as usual after you’re having bad experience in the morning?. Think about something’s bad that will affect your productivity life in large proportion(i.e. nagging wife,break up,conflict,etc. all in the morning).

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Life is too short to let one bad moment scuttle the rest of a good day. Water off a ducks back for me.

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No,it takes more than putting my thong on backwards to ruin my day!

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Now how can I follow that? ^^^

It depends on how bad the thing is. There are days when my bike has a flat tire and then I nearly get hit by a car, and the computer is broken and I have an important presentation. That always makes me feel snake bit, and I wonder what else is going to happen. If nothing does, I don’t really remember how badly the day started. If it keeps going bad, well, I’m ready to slit my throat by the end of it, and I blame it all on myself.

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Generally, an early bad moment can set the pace for the rest of the day. once a month, i have “dropsy day”. this means this is my day to drop something, knock something over, or trip and bust my a__! i know i am not alone in this endeavor. my wife also admits of having a dropsy day, once a month. so far today, i am still intact and nothing has happened. maybe, “dropsy day” has passed me by for today, but tomorrow may be a different story.

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As a manic depressant, yes.
One thing can easily take me from being relatively neutral into a pit of horror.
But just as easily the opposite can be the case.
You have to take the roller-coaster as a whole, the ups don’t work quite so well without the downs.

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The key word is “Havoc”.

So yes.

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Too many random “things” can happen to allow them to ruin my day. If you can’t control it, you also don’t have to let it control you.

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No I consider one bad thing happening as trivia. Just deal with the problem and get on with the rest of my day.
What’s the point of worrying about it… it’s over and done with…

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Any unexpected turn of event is not reason enough to ruin my day. It may have ruined the moment but I try to quickly get a handle of things so that the rest of the day may turn out uneventful.

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One incident should not define your entire day!

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How much havoc are we talking here? I mean, spilling my breakfast glass of V8 on the way to the living room would be somewhat annoying. Having a plane flying overhead drop an engine through the roof would be something else again. That could ruin anyone’s day. Especially the folks on the plane, I would imagine.

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Agree with @CyanoticWasp. Some troubling events are the normal stuff of life. It is unhealthy to allow such things to spoil the rest of what could be a fun and productive day.

Other things are clearly so catastrophic as to create a moment of sadness, fear or insecurity. But even at that, such things usually require action, and the action itself becomes a way of moving away from a negative event. But usually, it is sort of like golf. One bad hole should not spoil a nice round on a sunny day with some friends. Maybe a cigar.

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For me no, but my wife god yes. Unless she is in a rare “nothing can bring me down” mood then there are certain things that she will let bother her nearly all damn day.

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Depends on the havoc – yes something that shakes me can ruin the rest of my work day and maybe the rest of my day.

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Sometimes when something really crappy happens first thing in the morning I get the feeling, “Whew! Thank goodness I got all the bad stuff out of the way right away!”

I had a day where I got a flat tire.. but it was right in front of a gas station so I could pump the tire up. But it went flat again .. but it was near a parking lot only two blocks from work.

I think there are different ways of looking at things.

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Certain days I wake up a really peaceful mood, and encountering certain other people too early in the day (mainly before I have a chance to shower and sit in my room for a few minutes) can break that mood pretty quickly.

A bike ride usually reverses that, though.

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I try not to let it.

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I used to get bent out of shape if I spilled something in the morning, it would just seem to be an omen of things to come. Then I had kids. I went to work with baby vomit on me and didn’t find out until my 11am budget meeting. Another day, I had a small, but dirty hand print on my butt from where my son reached up and touched me…just happened to be my rear. Oh, I was wearing a very nice, not cheap pair of pants…heading out the door with some of my close friends. That would have sent me flying, in the past.

Now, I just laugh. So something happens. I have a choice, do I let it ruin my day or do I decide not to let it get me down? I hate to lose. I know, that’s a bad trait.

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There are two things that I can think of that are likely to set your day up to go poorly, and both are usually avoidable.

1. Skipping breakfast
2. Waking up without having had enough quality sleep

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This is where memory issues really come in handy. I might get really pissed, but I tend to forget what it was I was so pissed about. Other things come up, so I’m off, sniffing down other quarry, er…...trails :D

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What, you mean like the dog threw up on my clothes while I was asleep, and the washing machine quit working half way through the first load, and my bacon burned because I was outside trying to get the garage door open, because the automatic opener wouldn’t do it, and my son called and said his car broke down and he needs a ride to a job interview?

The insurance will replace both the washer and the garage door opener. The dog is too cute to be mad at for long. I’m glad my son finally has an interview, after three months out of work, I get a chance to have my grandson a couple of extra days, and I still had half of the package of bacon to cook.

It would take something really bad, like another death in the family to ruin my day.

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