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Utahbroadband, does anyone else have problems with it?

Asked by CsC (138points) March 9th, 2010

so my family uses utahbroadband as our internet provider, and it has had problems ever since the second week, we thought it was out router because when you reset the router everything is fine for a while, so we have tried that and turns out that isn’t the problem. Im just wondering if anyone else has utahbroadband and has problems?

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Your line settings might be incorrect – I had a similar problem where my router kept on losing connection after I had my line optimised for latency over bandwidth. The setting was a bit too strict, and the router reset the connection all the time.

A quick phone call to my ISP’s customer services department fixed it – the guy even did it while I was on the line. No problems since then, and still great pings in online games.

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thanks @the100thmonkey ill have to call and see what they can do, your awesome

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