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Is Norton good enough?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) March 10th, 2010

I am deciding if I want to renew my Norton or go with Spy Dr. Or, is there something else I should consider for my laptop? I am not tech savvy so any suggestions would help.


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Ditch Norton. I haven’t kept up with PC stuff lately so I’m sure that others can offer better free solutions. All I know is that you need to get that shit off your computer and you should never give Norton another dime.

edit :: and i know Norton == Symantec. My sister used to work for them.

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I’ve always had McAfees. Then I got a new computer with a 60-day free trial of Norton and I decided I’d stay with that for the 60 days then install McAfees. I lasted three days and caved. I hated it.

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Consider Microsoft Security Essentials, it’s fully supported by Microsoft and it’s a free download. I use it essentially for no other reason than because it’s free, but it does seem solid.

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You can get decent security for free with Malwarebytes, Avast! antivirus, or IObit Security 360.

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It’s up to you , people will say its bad ( they have their experiences ) it all depends on the user . Try a bunch before you decide .

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The paid programs are intrusive, I think they pop up windows just to make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Which they beg for via more pop-ups.

I have tried and like Avira, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft’s seems to be the quietest, while getting very good reviews.

I would also run a bi-weekly scan with Malwarebytes, it targets different items than the anti-viruses. The free version requires you to run manually, but it is a worthwhile habit.

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Norton doesnt do anything for you as soon as you have a REAL problem/virus. I once downloaded a trojan horse via limewire and all norton said was: “we cannot fix this problem. please contact us” or something like that. I felt so screwed! I live in Holland and we called to the USA for christ sake you know how much money that costs lol! I finally got rid of the problem myself, with an idea of my boyfriend, I coudnt not delete the file bc it had more rights then me, but I was able to move it, so I moved on a CD! That was the only thing that worked!

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Norton is good if it’s updated frequently and if you have nothing else, but I wouldn’t pay to renew it’s subscription for database protection updates. I would rather uninstall Norton and get AVG or Kaspersky for the money as a Resident A/V software. A lot of experts will warn you that running two antivirus programs that are both resident could cause problems. Resident programs remain running in the background, and resident antivirus programs check every file that comes into your PC or that you open. Having two programs constantly doing this may result in more trouble or slow down your PC.

Additionally, I recommend that people scan their hard drive with another, non-resident anti-malware program once a week, and also if they suspect a breach. When the scan is done, you close the program and it goes away, without staying in memory. SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware are my favorite choices.

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Norton makes the best motorcycle on the market…

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Hands down, the best free solution is Avast. And, for on $20, the pro version is top notch. The product is so good, I actually like giving them the $20 each year. I also scan with malwarebytes every few weeks. It’s an unbeatable combination.

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Norton was my favorite character on The Honeymooners

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I have never had a problem with Norton. And I have gone to some “suspect” web sites.

Been bullet proof for years.

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I don’t use nortons anymore, but I liked them when i had it

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Norton 360 is great, quite intuitive and non intrusive. Internet security is more resource hungry and intrusive. I have used 360 for 3 years after initially damning all Norton products to hell and have been pretty impressed. I have tested on all kinds of dodgy sites and it has never put a foot wrong:-)

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My apologies: I’m in the middle of a move and haven’t had time to check in. I forgot that I asked this question and went ahead and renewed with Norton before consulting Fluther…Arrrg!

Thank you so much for your response…I feel the lurve.

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@whyigottajoin I’ve had a problem with my pc ever since I renewed with Norton; my pc is running so slow. Norton could not only fix that, but it is suspect.

To top it off, I have a ‘black tie’ plan with the Geek Squad, but they will only fix it if I give them $139! Why even pay for the plan if they only look at it and say, “It’s gonna cost ya.”

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Another weird thing; I recieved an email from Norton with “You are no longer protected against virusses blabla” “Buy here” (like 40 euros)
I told my stepdad and he checked, I stil have like 200 days left! =S
But I can imagine people reading that email and panicking, renewing their program, and wanting their money back afterwards bc they were still protected.

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I have been using Avast home version for years now on all our home computers. It is free and works very well. If it can detect all the junk aka viruses my teenagers pull down from the web while surfing and gets rid of them I see no need for any other. One should not have to pay for virus protection in my opininon.

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