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How long after eating should you workout/exercise?

Asked by Jude (32198points) March 10th, 2010

I just had some whole wheat pasta/spaghetti sauce for dinner and I want to go for a run before it gets dark. How long should I wait? I really don’t want to be upchucking bits of my dinner (sorry) whilst running.

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I’d wait at least 30 minutes. You definitely don’t want to exercise on a full stomach. Usually something small is best… like a banana. Try 30 minutes and if you still feel “heavy”, wait longer. Definitely avoid soda. I upchucked once. :)

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I know that for bikram yoga, specifically, we’re told not to eat 2 hours before class because we’d probably vomit it all up. With other exersise I don’t eat for at least an hour before.

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Why don’t you run first, then eat. It’s better for you that way.

Sorry, just read the rest.

Just wait till your stomach feels settled then go.

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When you want to run don’t eat the whole meal. eat some and go run- rest then finish it.

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I have worked out after dinner and have felt nauseous….not a good feeling.Try waiting a half an hour minimum.I would still probably barf if I went running

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1–2 hours, depending on what you ingested. The heavier, fuller consumption, the longer you should wait…. MHO

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I ate around an hour ago. I’ll give it a bit more. Heavy meal – za’ pasta.

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Depends how much you ate and how long or hard you plan on running. The sauce might give you more trouble than anything.

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At least thirty minutes or more.

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Wait until you no longer feel full. I can’t give you a time because it’s different for everyone.

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