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Why is it that I feel like vomiting after a run?

Asked by Jude (32198points) July 27th, 2011

I just got back into running, and when I’m done, I feel like throwing up. Why is that?

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Do you run on an empty stomach?

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@Lightlyseared I just finished a run. I had a tomato beforehand. I ate it like an apple. That was it.

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You may be over-exerting yourself.

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You may be a little out of shape, when you said ” I just got back into running” . Your body isn’t use to the work again. Or, you’re running on an empty stomache. It could also be the heat, and you’re dehydrated. Always bring water and drink plenty of it.

Hope that helps!

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Does that happen every time after a run? Like @sarahhhhh says, you could be over-exerting… try a slower pace and relax your upper body and arms while running

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@blueberry_kid I am actually in decent shape. I do Yoga quite a bit.

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@Jude Im not trying to imply that mann! Sorry! I just had assumed. But you could really be dehydrated.

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So it could be you need an energy boost while running and should try to have a little something with some carbs before the run or you could be dehydrated after running that can make you puke as well (like a hangover). Or it could be that you ate too close to the run.

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@blueberry_kid It’s okay, girl (I’m a girl, as well). :) Just stating that I am in decent shape.

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I would love to do some Yoga now. Am I overdoing it?

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I know you’re a girl! I call everyone “mann”! Even my teachers, when I’m really not supposed to.

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@blueberry_kid It’s all good. :)

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Over-exertion and/or overheating. The same thing happens when I ride bikes, mainly because I have this weird thing where I must ride full-bore, like a bat out of Hell, which then results in me on the side of the road, dry heaving.

Fun times, eh?

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Sometimes things like that happen to me when I get dehydrated, I think @blueberry_kid is right about the dehydration. I would have felt like that earlier today if I hadn’t had two water bottles.

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Goodness. I just read this on the sly at work as, Why is it I feel vomiting is fun?

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I get the same problem when I push it too hard. Slow it down a little, see if it feels better.

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You got older since the last time you ran. Slow down a bit to get back to your old speed/distance.

Also, how hot is it where you live right now? You may have overheated.

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It means you’re putting in a strong effort. Some folks think puking after a workout is a good sign you are pushing yourself to the max. Personally I don’t think that’s necessary, but getting in the ballpark of that feeling is a good thing.

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yoga I believe is anaerobic and running is definitely aerobic, makes a big difference even if you are in shape. Check out and do a search on it. I know many people have distress in their lower gi tracts and I have seen a lot of people puking by the side of the road during runs, so I don’t think you are unusual. Drink water, back off a little when you start to feel badly. Hopefully it will go away as you body adjusts to the running routine.

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Too much exercise. Or your body can’t handle all of it at once.

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I think you are pushing hard. I get that feeling in a race, not running on my own.

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Do you do a cool down period?? If not the lactic acid built up in your muscles may not have a chance to break apart and be filtered by your body and this might be what is causing that sensation.

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When you run, blood is shunted away from your stomach and guts to your skeletal muscles. When you stop running it takes a while for the blood to shunt back to your digestive track. In the mean time you experience nausea because there is food just sitting there waiting for blood to return.
I suggest that when you finish your run to cool down a bit by walking for a while and don’t attempt to drink or eat until you have recovered. I usually have a problem with nausea after finishing a full marathon. I walk for a half hour and try to eat and drink about 2 hours later. I learned the hard way not to eat or drink right away after a hard run as it may come right back up.

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I was going to say what @gondwanalon said, it probably mostly has to do with your digestive system shuttng down while running, so oxygen filled blood is moving well in the muscles that are demanding it. Most people have a brief period after exercising, especially if they exercise in the heat, where they have no appetite, and then a short time later they are ravenous. Many people above mentioned staying hydrated, I agree, but I am betting you already do your best to stay hydrated.

You probably are pushing yourself a little too hard, as many have said above, and it is traumatic on your system.

Also, make sure you have some carbs before you exercise so you don’t deplete your glycogen stores completely.

I don’t know how hard you are running, but if your heart rate is going very fast you are probably leaving aerobic exercise for anoerobic.

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probably you’re pushing yourself too hard, like when one gets on a roller coaster

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