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Did anyone hear yesterday's tv news, about a recent online auction of ghosts?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 10th, 2010

A friend who knows I shop for books online, asked if I heard the TV news, about an ebay sale of two glass bottles containing the ghosts of an old man and a little girl. $2,800 for both. It reminded me of a sale a few years ago of a Big Mac with a bite out of it. Anyone know of any similar outrageous online auction items?

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There was a Doritos chip or something shaped like one of the states…..

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Wait, you can actually make money for selling glass bottles containing “ghosts”? Well, looks like I need to put a few items up on ebay. Sure, they look like there’s nothing in them, but they contain ghosts. Honest. I’m super, super serious. That’ll be thousands of dollars, please.

Oh, people sometimes. Oy vey.

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Now I’ve got a a bridge I’d like to sell you…..

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What a sweet idea! I’m on it!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities My friend claims Shepard Smith reported the ebay sale yesterday,but I couldn’t locate the story. It’s difficult for me to research after extreme amazement.

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@lilikoi After seeing your link,I wonder what pop culture items I possess.

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Anybody wanna buy my mother?

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Someone was selling the meaning of life on E-Bay once.


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@maudie Great link. Also good to know ebay uses ‘strict sales policies’.

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