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I'm a 5'9", 220 lb. male. I'm currently performing the Gironda 8x8 workout routine. Diet suggestions?

Asked by coogan (687points) March 11th, 2010

Looking for suggestions, or anyone’s experience in the usual build muscle, cut fat routine. The workout is cardio intensive, even though it’s sheer volume to fatigue the muscles into growth. Will 2000 calories be sufficient? I need foods that are quick to make, easy to eat on the go, and obviously, quality since my calories are reduced. I’m switching workout plans at the end of the month, this one has me too sore to function. Any suggestions welcomed : )

My current diet:
Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal, 2 cups fat-free milk, 30g protein powder, wheat germ- approx. 500 calories

Snack: apple, banana, or salad- 70–200 calories

Lunch: Sandwich, 4–6 oz. meat (turkey, beef, or tuna) – Approx. 200–400 calories

Snack: apple, banana, or salad- 70–200 calories

Pre-workout: Black Powder, BCAAs – 50 calories
Post-workout: Anabolic Halo, Celltech Hardcore, 30g protein – approx. 200 calories

Dinner: Some form of protein, vegetables – try to keep it under 500 calories

The workout is as follows, 8 sets x 8 reps/exercise with 15–20 sec. rest periods:
Day 1
decline bench press 8×8
decline db flyes 8×8

dumbbell upright rows
*lateral raises
bent over lateral raises

Day 2
leg press
*sissy squats
leg extension
leg curls
standing calf raises
*seated calf raises

Day 3
two-dumbbell rows
dumbbel or machine pullovers
lat pulldowns

weighted crunches

Day 4
tricep pressdowns
overhead extension
*tricep kickbacks

barbell curls
incline db curls
*spider curls

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Looks like you are doing all the right things. For me I eat salads and veggie trays for snacks which helps.

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I recommend using tomato juice. A small glass at each meal.There’s something about the acid that helps your food digest better. It helped me shed a few pounds. Sorry,I have nothing else to add. @delam @coogan Welcome to Fluther.

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Thanks YoH, I’ll give that a try. I’ve studied some nutrition, but I know there’s an interaction between all foods in a diet and when they’re ingested. I just don’t have time to figure that stuff out.

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A good starting point for working out calories is 14*BW, so 14*220 = 3080 which should be close to your base metabolic rate, that is the amount which, if you were to consume it, would keep you at the weight you are now. When you’re first starting out you shouldn’t try reducing or increasing this by more than about 500 calories. Give your body time to adjust and go from there. 2000 calories is pretty low, and if you go too low you won’t lose any weight at all because your body will think it’s starving.

I will say however that losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time is a very difficult thing to do. Sorry that I can’t help you with recipes or anything.

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Sounds to me like your diet could use more protein. When your using your muscles like you described you need more protien to fuel them.

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