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What is the best gift to bring to a gag-gift party?

Asked by malevolentbutticklish (2155points) March 14th, 2010

As long as the gift could truly be acquired, wrapped, and presented the more outlandish the better. For example, where can I purchase the ashes of cremated people?

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Go to one of those stores in the mall that specialize in gag gifts. Like Spencers.
If you don’t have one in your area, just shop online.

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well I personally would not sell my parents ashes as a gag gift. Although knowing them, they’d enjoy the “one last party”

How about a blow up Ken? Or a blow up car mate?

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Infomercial products. There are some weird ones out there, and most everyone has seen them.

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I think you should make a meatloaf and frost it….chocolate goes well :)

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how about a sex toy or a blow-up doll…

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@njnyjobs: Good idea but I am sure others will also bring these items. It might be awkward to be the second guy to show up at the party with a blow-up sheep.

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Fake vomit and whoopi cushions always go over well..

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A gift wrapped dog turd.Would certainly make me gag.

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@ucme a bottled ucme fart?

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@Just_Justine A wonderful fragrant aroma.They couldn’t afford it way too pricey.

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A Kevin Federline anthology DVD set !

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looks @ucme you’re sure of that then? yes I am stalking you, must be your perfume

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I did a Snuggie once and it was successful.

Failing that: dildos.

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A fruitcake.

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@Adirondackwannabe -People want to shoot it to put it out of it’s misery.

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@Just_Justine Ooh I love a good stalk.Yeah baby yeah!!

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In my family, we played a gag gift game every Christmas, and the same hand-decorated purse would show up year after year.

Go to a thrift store like Goodwill and look for something there. Otherwise a pair of old socks would do. Better yet, some old underwear colored brown in the back.

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Is the reciepient a vegetarian and how much time do you have? I did this for my brother in law for christmas one year. I put potting soil in a tupperware container, sprinkled it with grass seed, and let it grow in nice and thick. I put the top on the night before, wrapped it and gave it to him christmas day. He laughed his ass off when he opened it.
@lucillelucillelucille Can I get the recipe? I never know if I’m going to need to off someone.

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Doggie cookies wrapped on a pretty platter is always good for a few laughs from everyone but the recipient. Malpo Meatballs were always a hoot.

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@Adirondackwannabe -Just throw them under a bus.It’s so much quicker.

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Anything from SkyMall. Or, my local TJMaxx/Homegoods has a suit of really cheap-looking armor for sale for like $60. If you can transport it, statuary may be a good way to go.

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Keeping it literal has it’s appeal. A ball gag would fit the bill.

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How long do you have? If you have time to order online, go to Archie McPhee’s. I don’t even dare to look at their new products right now because I am already laughing myself silly on here today.

You don’t have to be disgusting to be funny. In fact, disgusting is not funny. Funny is funny. Don’t you want laughs?

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I prefer subtlety. Wrap up a bottle bottle of top shelf booze filled with it’s NA equivalent.

As for the ashes, why not just put some regular old ashes in an urn and present it? Or were hoping to get some kind of a rise out of that?

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@Jeruba: I ordered a yodeling pickle just to have on backup.

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@malevolentbutticklish, great choice. I go on laughing jags now and then, absolutely overpowering attacks of helpless laughing and howling (one of which I hope will be my last act on earth—but not yet, not yet), to the point of abject pain. My family usually looks worried enough to call 911, but so far I have recovered. One of those was caused by something I saw on Archie McPhee. It might have been the remote-controlled yodeling lederhosen.

There is something for everyone there. Toast band-aids? Sky-diving Sigmund Freud, with parachute? Angry mob play set? Lunch Lady action figure? The inventive absurdity of the stuff on this site shows me the true poverty of my imagination. I am a great fan of EAP, so I bought myself an Edgar Allen Poe action figure, complete with a tiny raven (weapon of choice: morbid rumination), and kept it hanging by my cubicle entrance for a couple of years. Those who didn’t laugh were no friends of mine.

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@Blondesjon: In the past a couple of my employees had actual cremated remains and they were making bets. The person who lost the bed had to inhale a line. I think this was right before I had to ban on-the-clock body carving.

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