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Can you grow garlic in a container garden?

Asked by PandoraBoxx (17996points) March 14th, 2010

Has anyone successfully grown garlic in a container?

I have about 20 cloves sprouted while in the refrigerator. I planted them in plastic cups on on a window sill, and the greens are about 8” high. I would like to transplant them into an opaque plastic bin that’s roughly 18” deep, and place them outside. Will this work? How deep should I plant the cloves?

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“When planting garlic, choose a garden site that gets plenty of sun and where the soil is not too damp. The cloves should be planted individually, upright and about an inch (25 mm) under the surface. Plant the cloves about 4 inches (100 mm) apart. Rows should be about 18 inches (450 mm) apart.” source

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I’m not surfe, but we sell kits for kids at the farm that are window sill sized for peppers and herbs. So maybe garlic.

They’re from “Veggie Tales”.

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Yes, they will grow in containers. plant the cloves about 1–2” deep in free draining loom.

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All my seeds sprouted, and I’ve yet to kill them. I have basil, chives, cilantro, hot peppers, and tomatillos. Next comes the angst over when to thin the seedlings…

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There’s a post here where someone had success.
Scroll about halfway down and you find:

“Posted by sequi z7 NoVA (My Page) on
Tue, Jun 24, 08 at 8:11”
”...large tall decorative planters people use for their front doors…”
”...The garlic in the front door planters did as well as the garlic in the ground—same size, multiple cloves…”
” yes, it is possible to grow garlic in containers. It’s pretty easy care—I watered only when the soil looked very dry (there were also strawberries in the planter, so enough water that they didn’t die.) I didn’t water at all during the winter. I also didn’t fertilize much. I started with a good potting soil, and hit it with a water-based fertilizer only twice (when the strawberries first started blooming, and when the berries appeared.)”

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