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I was curious if anyone out there knew how to change Peachtree accounting from a 13 month period (where 13th month is Dec 31-Dec31) to a 12 Month period (where each month is a period)

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1655points) March 17th, 2010

There is a way to convert Peachtree from 13 month period (in which December 31— December 31 is the 13th month) into a 12 month period (in which each month is a period) without building a new Company in the Peachtree software. I have everything backed up so I am up for risky procedures as well as long as it may work.

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You can setup a new Company defining a 12 period year. Make sure to UNCHECK the line referencing ACCOUNTING PERIODS, and then you will have the opportunity to select your starting Month and Year. If you have already setup Vendors, Customers etc. you can then export them from the current company shell and import them into the new or revised Company shell. Check the Peachtree HELP and search on Rebuild or Rebuilding Company for more information.

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Thanks, that worked. However I did have to export all the specifics of invoices, customers, etc. then import them into the new Company but it went well!

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@RandomMrAdam glad to help…. export from old company and import to new company is the way to do it for all current data.

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