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Do you know anything about this psychology theory/analogy?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) March 18th, 2010

This is an idea I heard about, but it wasn’t fully explained… Where there are three general “areas” where people feel—stomach, heart, and head. Have you ever heard of it?

“Stomach feelers” get feelings in their gut area
“Heart feelers” feel their heart
“Head feelers” might get flushed…

I’m wondering, what are those three “types” of people? What’s the differences between the three?
Are people only ever, and only always, one type?
What are you thoughts on the whole idea?

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Some googling got me this blog entry which you might like to read:

So perhaps just different types of feelings produce different sensations instead of people being just one type of person.

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Just looking around a little bit… I think it might be something that comes from NLP. Just a “gut” feeling. :) I don’t much about it but it’s sort of an “alternative” form of therapy. I don’t know how well accepted it it. You might check it out.

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In my opinion it’s yet another load of unsubstantiated crap from self-help land.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is supported by masses of peer-reviewed empirical evidence. Why fuck around with garbage instead?

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I wonder how your question relates to this sort of thing.

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Another tradition you might look at is the system of Chakras. There are seven of them, starting at your asshole and working up to the very top of your head. Acting from the different chakras indicates a different kind of energy and a different kind of thinking, just like your three types. There’s plenty of explanations of what each chakra is about on the web if you Google it.

Just for starters, the first chakra (I think it’s the first)—the one at your anus, is a humorous and very grounded energy. Imagine your legs spread apart like a Sumo wrestlers, and you bob up and down, feeling very connected to the earth. The psychology of this would probably have something to do with groundedness and earthiness (not really the same things). It also is, as I said, a funny way to look at life. I mean, how can it not be, when it’s primary mode of communication is to fart?

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I’ve never heard of this, and I work with a whole bunch of cognitive psychologists in my lab.

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elenuil, Chakras have nothing to do with western psychology. More to do with eastern thinking and yogic discipline.

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Maybe you are talking about something derived from the Hippocratic “Four Humours [Temperaments] of Man—Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine”?
The following rather uneven article in Wikipedia mentions some modern developments of this—

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actually wundayetta, I thought they ENDED at the asshole and started at the top of the head.
Or is it supposed to be a progression toward a spiritual state, and thus, must go up?

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@anartist I know what chakras are. She asked about this psychology formalism.

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Reminds me of the chakras as well.

I think it’s just a twist on another pretty basic resoloution of stress.
Some peoples stress goes to their head…lol, as in headaches, others stomache aches & other digestive disturbances, some muscles, ( me ) .

My daughter takes after her dads side of the family, the women all have irritable bowel type reactions to stress and anxiety producing situations.

I tend towards neck & shoulder tension, never get headaches or stomache issues.

Everyone has target spots in their bodies that will manifest stress related reactions.

Not rocket science if you ask me. lol

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@anartist I don’t know for sure which way they go. I just thought that the anusal one was the base one, and the higher ones get increasingly esoteric, with the one at the top being the place where your spirit resides.

I learned about these at a workshop at Esalen. One of the people there told a story about being support staff in some kind of race—perhaps a marathon? In any case, one runner had collapsed, and they were tending to her. This person said she put her hand on the top of the runner’s head, and she could feel her spirit trying to leave. She held the woman’s spirit in until the ambulance could arrive and give the runner proper medical assistance.

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Kundalini is said to be an uncoiling of a metaphorical serpent at the base of the spine and firing from the root ascending through the other chakras to the crown. In many Eastern traditions this is equivalent to enlightenment.

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As per the topic. I seem to get stuck in my head far too often.

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Hey all how do you do that thing with the @sign to acknowledge each other?

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Just put someones name after the @ sign. Often once the @is typed a menu will often appear and you can scroll down. You can also just cut and paste the name. You need to do that to get the red because they are underlined.

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Thanks @SeventhSense That’s a nice way of directly addressing the other person! :-)

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I don’t know the answer to your question. However I DO feel emotions in my body. When I am afraid, my heart pounds. When I am embarrassed, my face gets hot. I don’t have any one particular physical symptom that presents all the time though. I just know emotions can cause real physical feelings. Ask anyone who has had a panic attack. Yikes. I remember getting butterflies in my tummy before a kiss.

I don’t think it is such a wild stretch to think emotions can cause physical feelings. I wouldn’t see it as mumbo jumbo or something. I think, it might just help someone be more aware of their own emotions. Some people stuff emotions so far inside they aren’t in tune with them anymore.

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Well, there’s certainly nothing in legitimate Psychology that fits this model. It rather sounds like one of those half-baked self-help things to me.

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I can’t stand posting answers to others questions only to be unrecognized. Why do I even bother typing?

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@seventhsense I am sorry. I was reading about coiling serpents and chakras but you all are talking WAY over my head. I don’t have any background in that area. I’m not even sure, is this from religion in India like Hindu stuff? I am too ignorant about it to chime in. I would love to learn though.

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No it was actually answering @anartist and @wundayatta thread but thanks for thinking of me. :)

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Sorry about my manners, @SeventhSense You were just so right about the Kundalini that it seemed your answer had always been there.

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