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Why do some people always have to seek ways to destroy one another?

Asked by zander101 (635points) September 18th, 2013

I’m sure in life, we all have made mistakes that we would like to change but can’t, however why do some individuals make it their mission to throw it back in someone’s attention, when things don’t go their way. I feel things of that nature cause people to fall in destructive patterns that they are unable to reverse due to their own conditioning. My life experiences concerning the above mentioned has made me understand that in all reality that age and maturity do not align with some individuals.

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Well people don’t always seek to destroy each other but in general I think that it is human nature to take advantage of the week but not necessarily destroy them.

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It is ingrained into the ego of every man to have an antagonist.

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It’s anthropological. It’s historical. Antagonism, as you describe it, can be traced back to the beginning of mankind and the rise of tribes and groups. It’s another side of the whole “survival of the fittest” way of evolution.

You can deplore it. But it’s human nature and will never change.

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Only true sociopaths and pathological narcissists attempt to “destroy” others. Healthy personalities know how to let go and not let hardcore ego take them to places that cause irreversible harm. Human nature once served us in a primitive way, but in modern society it is no longer human nature it is mental and emotional dis-ease.

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@zander101 Welcome to Fluther. If I knew the answer to this one, I’d get my wife to stop her daily recitation of all the stupid decisions I’ve ever made over our 36 years together. :-)

No respect, I don’t get no respect.

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Welcome to Fluther.

I can answer your question in one word: Sisters.

Okay, I’ll qualify that somewhat: Younger sisters.

Perhaps I can illustrate.

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Thank you all for your responses it’s really appreciated. It’s interesting, I’m fairly young yet it’s astonishing to observe the types of personalities that exist in the world who are so quick to rip in to others, then down the road if injustice occurs in their orbit so to speak they cry for compassion and mercy, didn’t it occur to some people that situations/events just don’t happen. I love it when people say the expression “well, shit happens”, have people really convinced themselves just to justify circumstances that it was a mere coincidence that things “just happen” I find that type of talk ridiculous as everything in life weaves into another, I feel life has a distinct yin and yang type of approach.

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I think its a human nature, which are always take an advantage from others. Everyone wan to live there in their way in such cases if they didn’t get all the advantages from own so they will start harming to others. Also, sometime people will take revenge is the main issue to harm or to destroy to others

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All these “it’s human nature” responses completely lack any sort of explanatory value, and I think are fallacious.

The counter is simple. Not everyone is antagonistic or vindictive, this means it is not some universal and inevitable facet of something called “human nature”.

You have to explain the differences in human behaviour and not assume fatalistically that it’s just the way we (and it’s really not all of us) are.

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Well, there sure are the dark sides of human nature, existing everywhere. We just have to be ourselves. Humans are not perfect.

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Well, some make it seem that way and the lack awareness is always troubling.

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depending upon the invisible seed…. spirit nature of the individual results in how he or she will relate to the world in various circumstances…
human natures vary but there are two polarities of spirit ego and selflessness
with a spirit of love a person gravitates to positive in most circumstances, with a neutral spirit , meaning sitting on the fence between two polarities of spirit circumstance will rule this individual and not the love spirit since the neutral personality is magnetic toward either a negative or positive influence… .. i would say its not so much that the nature of man is evil, however when in most circumstance that requires higher consciousness toward love for humanity the negative spirit wins mostly because mankind and woman kind are not deep enough in love with life expressed in love but life expressed in survival…. thus humans hurt humans.. unless the individual with love force power fight the carnal spirit to be humble yet this looks weak but is the true power…

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There is no light without darkness and it’s human nature not a good trait but all the same it’s what people sometimes i think some humans are worse than animals judging by their behavior but there we have it we are all far from perfect, oh and not to mention that some people just get a real kick of of ruining someone else’s life why who knows there are a plethora of reasons why…but a sure fact is it’s usually their own misery they are taking out on someone else rather than deal with what ever is going on with them.

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