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Do you find your whole body shape changes when you are PMS?

Asked by Just_Justine (6501points) March 19th, 2010

OK, I’ve just had a wardrobe moment from hell. There are bra’s hanging off the light shades, trousers flung all over, belts tossed down in disgust. I can wear these clothes normally, but today I cannot I am five days away from you know…. Anyway, my point is, do you notice such a drastic change in your body? I seem to go for average to horrendous. How do you deal with it? How do you cover it up and hide? Do you get upset over it? I guess some women will say they are the same al the time (sob!). Surely there are others like me? I have been prescribed diuretics but not sure if they are bad really.

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yes yes yes yes yes….that happens to me. I feel for you, I really do… sucks.

Not only do you look like crap….you’re so emotional that everything makes you angry/sad anyway, so the fact that clothes don’t fit properly is enough to make you cry…terrible. I don’t venture out of my cave at this stage lol.

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No, I can honestly say that I’ve never noticed that. However, I also have never felt bloated, so if that’s truly a female experience outside of Midol commercials, I may have something wrong with me.

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@j0ey Oh thank God. I felt like an alien for a moment. I have an appointment too in 45 minutes which is important. I’ve had to wear “what fits instead of what looks great”. I am virtually near to tears. I hang onto the thought that I will return to normal. But at the time you cannot believe it really!! thank you :)) p.s. I will return to normal I will hey??

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@Just_Justine Were you being serious of factitious? Cuz personally, I’m pretty ok with it.

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My favorite thing for these types of days are black fold over, 97% cotton 3% spandex, yoga pants. You can get them almost anywhere; Target, Victoria Secret, Old Navy, etc

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Oh, yeah! I get almost a whole cup size bigger. Over the years I’ve found that by drinking a lot of water I’m able to lower the amount of water I retain. It will actually make me go to the bathroom more so I get less bloated.
Also a lot of the pms pills really do work. (at least for me) I find it works best if you start a few days before your cycle is to start. Pamprin exta strenght work.
Some women say taking certain herbs and vitamins help as well. My sister says taking zinc helps her.

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wow, after all these years, now i know….loll

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No,but I have changed the configuration of a few bodies….

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all my pants are tighter and i feel huge. its really pleasant, i love my period.

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Yeah…I become invisible around that time!

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@Pandora thank you !! xoxoxo

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How I know I’m about to have my period:

1. I cry, a lot. About anything.
2. I crave everything that is detrimental to my health.
3. Get really horny
4. My boobs get tender and grow a size, which is a lot in my book since I am already well endowed in that area.

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@IBERnineD tell me about it, nothing worse, than a pizza mouthed michellin woman running after a man for sex while sobbing.

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I get all weirded out about what I perceive as a change in my body odor and of course the smell of the messy, that and feeling a few months pregnant is uncomfortable especially since my already high sex drive goes up. “Hi sweetie, I feel absolutely cranky and gross but I want to get nekid and play”, poor man.

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@Just_Justine your answer made me hysterically laugh, although I don’t look like the Michelin man on my period thank god!

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@Neizvestnaya you know you reminded me, the one month the bloat was so bad, I could have posed for preggy porn and made a fortune. Ugh! Maybe lets auto suggest, keep preggy porn as screen savers so the men in our lives are well tuned subliminally to the pregnant look and want to ravish us?

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I laughed at your description of the clothes flung all over the room, because that’s how I am during that special week. Haha. Around that time, I retain so much water that even my thighs swell a bit. I feel like I gain at least 5–6 pounds during that week. Of course, I get bustier, as well, so that’s one (not so) small compensation for the bloating.

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Funny but my partner thinks it’s (the belly) cute and likes to check it and rub it. I know he’s doing it mostly because he knows it makes me feel better both physically and mentally (that I didn’t suddenly become alien and gross for a week) but I swear he gets a kick out of it for himself too.

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@Neizvestnaya aw he sounds adorable. maybe he does like it? you know you never know!!! I will post a question on the belly and see the answers cringe

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For the first day or two, yes.
Then I drink water and crawl into a corner to mope.

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I get bloated around the week before my period and know not to step on the scale then.

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