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Serial killers,will there always be a morbid fascination certainly from the media but also from ourselves?

Asked by ucme (46459points) March 21st, 2010

Before anyone begins a moral rant I of course realise these guys are sick twisted individuals who were rightly punished for their appaling crimes.What I am saying though is their cold calculated methodical mindset.To actually go about their daily business as if nothing had happened,avoiding detection sometimes for many years.Seems to me they’re not the actions of mindless maniacs.Bundy.Gacy,Dahmer,Desalvo they all live long in the memory not just for their evil murderous acts,they have a certain dark appeal charisma even.There certainly remains an interest in those & others despite many years passing since their noteriety,books ,movies & such like.

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We have a fascination with them, because they look like we do on the outside. We wonder what makes them tick. We wonder if there is ever any way that we could become a serial killer.

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Probably, yes. Unless we all evolve to a much higher level of consciousness. We will always look at the wreck on the side of the road, and the alien autopsy too. I think that part of it is also a psychological need for reassurance; “I’m ok”. There are probably some studies about this.
And @marinelife hit a very good point. They look like us but they aren’t like us. They can do something which we cannot imagine and at the same time feel nothing. I think the fact that we know they feel nothing like remorse is difficult for us to wrap our minds around. We immediately think of the ones we love, our children, our SO, siblings, whomever and think of that person being harmed by someone. We know about the sociopath but we don’t know. Our understanding is incomplete and we cannot understand how someone can be so empty as to feel…nothing. As an enigma, a puzzle, it begs to be examined, figured out. Like a box that beckoned to Pandora.

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We all know the names of the serial killers but I don’t have any sort of fascination with serial killers. Most people know the big names and maybe one peculiar aspect of their methodology but I’m willing to wager that most people don’t get too much deeper into it.

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Aren’t “us” and the media the same? The media only concentrates on things that people care about.
Yes people will always be fascinated. It’s the same thing that causes people to stare at car accidents, or watch someone getting arrested or pulled over. People like watching the darkest depths of humanity while standing on the sidelines and not getting involved. It is also the same reason why people like watching painful drama they’re not involved with, they get to see what’s possible while not having to feel what it’s like when it happens to them. It’s human nature.

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Our brains switch to autopilot most of the time. It’s their nature. But it’s always on the lookout for something unusual or dangerous or both. Therefore the conscious fascination. The media do exploit this, but they rely on the nature of their audience.

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