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Is PETA acting ethically when they're offering to pay Octomom to advertise on her front lawn in exchange for mortgage payment?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) March 24th, 2010

You heard me.

Octomom is losing her home because she can’t make payments and PETA wants to subsidize her payments by putting signs on her front lawn that say things like “Don’t let your pet become an octomom. Spay and neuter your pets.”

Anyway, it really seems like PETA is exploiting her shamelessly.

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Phhhtt. PETA exploits all the time. I despise, despise, despise that woman that exploits her kids. I sooooo want to punch her in the face. And then give her a tubal ligation while she’s unconscious.

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1. Octomom can’t afford her bagillion kids and house, even though she’s on welfare and has (had?) a TV show.

2. PETA is shameless

Do either of these points shock you?

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I like PETA but i am disappointed in them now that they’re stooping to the level of the Octomom.

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Peta advertises outside of zoos all the time.

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No. No no no no. NO. This isn’t just about a mother who has made irresponsible decisions. This will also effect these children. At 10 or 12 years old when these kids read about their history, they will find out. This is not kind to the children. I would say even though the parent involved has made bad choices, the children themselves are innocent. Comparing them to a litter of puppies is derogatory, and dehumanizes them.

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I was skeptical, thinking this had to The Onion or something your credulous aunt forwarded in email. I must learn to trust:

I’ve never been bothered by PETA before, but I think this is unkind.

And it’s irresponsible to encourage an unemployed single mother of eight to keep a house with a $4,000/month mortage.

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It’s PETA… ethics do not play into their world view. Any and all tactics are acceptable to reach their ultimate goal. Truly for them the ends justify the means. And I’m a vegan and a huge animal rights person telling you this.

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I am totally speechless.

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@jaytkay single mother of 14!

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I think it’s fine. PETA (who I am not a fan of) is paying for ad space, not a “wild” idea in America. And Octomom, is not having her house forclosed on and can focus on feeding her children. I can think of alot worse:

- She loses her house
– She accepts the porn gig (which is way worse than having Peta advertise)

And seriously, there is a light hearted humor in it. It’s not that embarrasing for her. Not more embarrasing than being out on the street, or half the other stuff that’s been printed/broadcast about her.

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They’re two groups that have a reputation for attention-whoring and shamelessness. It sounds like a match made in heaven.

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lol, I’m sorry but that sign would be hysterical

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This is no worse than a tv network launching a reality show featuring this family. In fact, it’s probably less exploitative since the kids’ pictures won’t be plastered around the world.

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They gave up on the obese woman on billboards with the “Save the Whales” caption? Idiots. Why don’t they cover Nadya in black and white paint and call her Killer Whale for how she treats her children? I could support that.

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Oh hayell naw. She doesn’t deserve any help, or to keep her kids. Nope! They’d be better off “in the system” actually. It’s a damn shame.

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Octomom exploits herself and those children of hers. Near as I can tell, the entire reason she had those babies was to exploit them. At least PETA is helping them all keep a roof over their heads.

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PETA and ethical in the same sentence is an oxymoron (yeah, I know it’s part of their name) It’s not surprising that they would exploit an obviously mentally ill woman.

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PETA is a blight on our society. There is nothing ethical about how they conduct themselves. Wait… did I just describe the Republicans and the Democrats?

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It is sort of like putting an advertisement sign at the site of a train wreck. It seems tacky to take advantage of human carnage.

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