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Why does one eye become weaker than the other?

Asked by lilikoi (10084points) March 24th, 2010

My left eye is weaker.

I’m sure my left brain is much larger than my right brain by now, but I am right handed so the muscles on the right side of my body probably get more exercise than that on the left. Are these even factors? It’s not like I walk around consciously using one eye more than the other, so there must be another explanation.

And is there anything you can do to help balance things out? Bad eyesight runs in my family, but I don’t want to make things worse.

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What does weaker mean? One eye sees better all together, or one eye sees things far away better? One is 20/20 and the other is 20/10? All I know is I masturbate with both hands so I’ve needed corrective lens for years cause both eyes are weak. fun note: I wear contact lenses of different strengths so I don’t need bi-focals. They are called mono-vision lenses and work great!

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I’m not sure! But I’ve always heard a rumor that you use one to see closer and one farther away.. but you never know.

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lol. One eye sees things far away better, which I guess could be interpreted as seeing better all together. I don’t wear bifocals because my near vision is fine; I just can’t see far. I’ll definitely keep monovision lenses in mind though, I am bound to need bifocals when I get older.

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@meagan I’ve heard that too but I’m not sure why this is so. It wasn’t always like this for me. It is a recent development. My distance vision has gotten progressively worse, but up until recently both eyes were equally bad.

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It’s what happens when you wink at too many girls.

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Probably for the same reason one ball hangs lower than the left and one breast sags more than the other. Dominant hands seem to dominate the whole body.

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I don’t know if it’s normal to feel one eye being weaker than the other, but the mind does favor a single eye for focusing in on single points. Try this:

- point at a small spot on the wall.
-look down your arm to the tip of your pointed finger with both eyes open, place your finger over the spot
-close your right eye and see if the finger is still over the spot

If the finger is not over the spot, you’re right eye is dominant. If it is, you’re left eye dominant.

There may be exceptions to this rule, but I don’t know them.

I doubt your brain grows when favoring sides, and I don’t know if the side favored has any definitive effect on eye dominance.

You should see an eye doctor if you can. It may be problems with one or both eyes that make one feel weaker than the other. I’m right-eye-dominant and my left eye feels fine; guess it does feel different than the right eye, if I thought about it for a while I guess I could make myself think it’s weaker. Maybe that’s what you’re doing? Is your eyesight actually weaker in your left eye or are you just exaggerating the difference?

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I don’t know enough about eyes to tell you why it happens the way it does but this is one of the causes

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@silverfly Haha, yeah you are probably right. I have a theory as to why one boob is smaller, but none for the balls.
@zophu I get my eyes checked once a year roughly (about how often I destroy glasses) and my left is indeed weaker by about 0.25 in sphere. I might not have noticed if I hadn’t got them tested, but lately, if I spend several hours on the computer my left eye does start to hurt.
@wonderingwhy I do have astigmatism…thanks I’ll have to look into that more. I can never even remember what that is lol.

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So there was this guy who had lost one of his eyes during the war. He wasn’t a wealthy man, so instead of a glass eye he had a wooden one made. He was quite self-conscious about, though, so mostly stayed home.

His friends were worried about him so they convinced him to go to a local dance, maybe meet someone, have some fun. He relented and went to the dance.

At the dance there was a woman who had lost her leg and had a wooden one made. But she, too, was self-conscious and spent most of the evening being a wall flower.

The man decided that she was probably a kindred spirit so he walked over to her and said, “Would you like to dance?”

She exclaimed happily, “Would I? Would I?!”

He became offended. “Peg leg!” he shouted, and stalked off.

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@wonderingwhy Wait, I don’t have astigmatism, I mixed up what “DS” means. Hmm.

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My right eye doesn’t see as well as my left eye. I don’t know why. But the difference is minimal so I just deal with it.

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