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Have you ever had something happen that scared you so badly, and was so inexplicable that it took every single brain cell you possessed to manage to convince yourself that it surely wasn't REALLY a supernatural occurrence?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) March 25th, 2010

Seriously guys! This is kind of long, but I hope it’s interesting enough….

I swear this is a true story and it happened just this way: This was in about 1996. I was vacuuming along in my house, minding my own business. I wasn’t even thinking evil thoughts, but that didn’t matter. I started in on this long hallway and SUDDENLY, out of NOWHERE a black devil-bat suddenly appeared and came screaming toward me, at chest level, at about the speed of light!!! It was unbelievably, horrifyingly, supernaturally fast!!! And it had claws, and fangs dripping with blood, and its wings were flapping and flapping madly!!! And it was coming to get me!! It was going to rip my eyes out and…and…do whatever demon bats do to people who aren’t even thinking evil thoughts!!!! (You know. Regular old demon-bat stuff.) But before I could react at all it suddenly went into a screaming dive….and with a chilling screech it disappeared into my vacuum cleaner!!! I let out a chilling screech of my own and, in one leap, jumped about 20 feet away from the vacuum and stood there staring at it and trembling in sheer terror! My heart was just pounding out of my chest! If I hadn’t already been a Christian I would have become a believer on the spot!

So the the machine was still running and running and clanking and rattling from the bones being broken up and stuff, and I’m staring and staring in terror and disbelief. Eventually my mind started to clear a little and I realized I couldn’t leave it running forever. But….if I turned it off the thing might come crawling back out and attack me again!! Maybe the only thing keeping it inside were the beaters going around and around!! It was horrible. I did NOT know what to do! But, after a long time I started to get a even a little more rational and I thought that there just had to be a logical, rational explanation…... (? but, then again, maybe the logical explanation WAS that a demon bat had just flown into my vacuum cleaner……?)

I finally gathered up the courage to slooooowly inch toward the vacuum, and I reached waaay out and quickly switched it off and jumped back again. A while passed and nothing happened so I crept forward again and reached waaaay out and quickly knocked it over on its side and jumped back again. And still nothing happened. After a long, long time of nothing I carefully snuck around so I could peer inside without getting too close….and saw a bit of the wing sticking out. It wasn’t moving but….well, I probably should have called 911 since I actually had evidence at that point, but I figured they were tired of my stupid calls to them (like the time Chris got stuck in the mailbox…and the time Corrie got glued inside the fridge) and they’d probably ASSUME this was stupid too, so I didn’t. I finally gathered up the courage to crawl over there (literally crawl!) and cautiously touch the part of the wing I saw. It was hard and unyielding. “It must be a claw,” I thought. “And the thing must have been killed” (but demons can’t die, can they? I was so confused!) So, after a while (it was 1997 by this time) I carefully pulled on it, and when nothing horrible happened I pulled a little harder and it began to unwrap from around the beater brush…...along with about 15 feet of (invisible) fishing line… and….oh OMGosh!......It was one of those long, black, flexible, plastic hair things that you twist around your hair and then clip the ends together. It has those poky teeth, you know, so that it’ll stick in your hair.

What had happened, obviously, was that somehow the fishing line had wrapped itself around the exact center of the thing and somehow the end of that fishing line had ended about 15 feet away from the comb, towards the end of the hall! And thar the whole contraption lurked, waiting for some unsuspecting idiot with a vacuum cleaner to come along. Well, when that fishing line started wrapping around the beater brush it jerked the comb up into the air at about 4 feet high and caused it to fly along at, what….what’s the speed of a beater brush? A million miles an hour or thereabouts? And the speed and the position of the line on the comb caused it to flex exactly like it was flapping! All the split second impression I had was of wings flapping and teeth and claws!! The blood part was just my imagination (but the rest wasn’t…well, not exactly.) It was just absolutely insane. It was the insanest thing to ever happen to me!

Don’t try this at home.

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Nope, never.

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Yeah – that happened to me once. I went out and bought a can of Devil Bat repellent. No more problems.

(I hear that nowadays you can get the automatic Devil Bat mist type dispenser’s that you just plug into a power socket and forget about.)

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When my husband and I first started dating, we heard scratching in the wall and a growling sound. scratch scratch scratch, scratch GROWL….scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch GROWL…. It continues somewhat rythmically, but in spurts. We brought in my dog to see if he reacted, but he didn’t. We were still somewhat calm at this point. I remembered from when I was a little girl what I was told to say if you thought there was a “demon” nearby (I was raised my missionaries, for a short stint)- so I said “I rebuke you in the name of JE-SUS! All of a sudden it got really really loud then stopped. My now husband and I ran out of the house! I screamed so hard that I swear, I am not lying, I was hoarse the next day!!! I figured, later that it was probably an animal in the wall…..but it really didn’t seem like it at the time….. It took forever to get the courage to go back in the house again.

I so woulda peed my pants if your situation had happened to me!

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@KhiaKarma That IS weird! Especially the reaction when you invoked the name of Jesus! Wish you could have figured out the logical reason behind THAT one!

@DarkScribe No. It’s not a mist. It jacks with the electrical lines in the wall, see, and screws up the Devil Bat’s sonar. That’s probably what happened to my devil bat. I mean, seriously. What bat in their right mind would fly into a vacuum cleaner??? (Guess what….I just spelled “vacuum” right for the first time in my life, without a spell check prompt!)

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@Val123 You aren’t a Timothy Leary devotee are you?

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@DarkScribe :) Timothy Leary’s dead. :) No. I was sober, straight, sane as hell!

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@Val123 Timothy Leary’s dead. :) No. I was sober, straight, sane as hell!

So’s Jesus and they claim that he has a few devotees. (Timothy might have been making a post mortem house call?)

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@DarkScribe At the time you could have convinced me of anything! (And, BTW, I was just quoting the song lyrics.)

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Yes, but mine was a real bat and it was tangled in my hair and on my face.
The only thing good about that whole night was the fact that I could say “I told ya so” to my husband. He didn’t believe me that there were bats in the attic.

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@wilma Oh no!! Do tell the story! Talk about freak out! and are you a vampire now?

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I hate when that happens.

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@Val123 no, fortunately I don’t vacuum that often.

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LOL! Well, mebee someday I’ll meet you and…I’ll introduce you to a vacuum cleaner. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

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@Val123 I have one, but I keep it in the closet, because it looks so shiny and new and high-tech and all. And clean.

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@CyanoticWasp Mmmm. Trade you for one that’s dusty, dirty and possessed.

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I had a Furby when I was a kid.

One day it was sitting on a counter when all of the sudden it started making all of these horrible, demonic-sounded noises.

I was frozen, just staring in horror at this goddamn Furby. It was shaking, its eyes were twitching, it was screeching and I was convinced it was possessed.

I grabbed it and threw it violently against the ground. Then I gathered enough courage to attack it with a screwdriver and rip out the batteries.

Later I reasoned that it was just a mechanical error, but, oh man, I was convinced that this thing was the spawn of the devil.

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@squidcake damn… I wish I had thought of this when I realized that my sisters were the spawn of the devil.

I’m sure I’d have been released by now…

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@CyanoticWasp I wish I had thought of this when I realized that my sisters were the spawn of the devil.

Momma had a Devil of a time getting through the night at some stage?

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@squidcake ROFL!!! That’s what Furbies do! My son used to collect the damn things! And they’d show up in the damdest places around the house! Like…one spring he put one on each blade of the ceiling fan in the living room so that when I turned it on a plethora of Furbies ATTACKED me, chattering and screaming, with no warning!!! Oh gosh. The places those evil little things turned up that year!....

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@squidcake I had a very similar experience! Those things were freaky anyways!

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@KhiaKarma They really were!

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Huh….. that exact same thing happened to me! & later on that day I had a lovely cup of Tea with Sasquatch while watching the Madhatter playing Badminton with Uranus.

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@Val123 No I am not a vampire, just bat wary.

By the way if you ever happen to have such an encounter, be sure to capture the bat. You will need it ( or rather it’s intact dead head) for rabies testing.
I believe that you have 72 hours to get started on the shots.

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As for the vacuum, I’m afraid of mine too.
I never leave it plugged in and unattended.
I once came home and found mine running. All alone in the house, just started up on it’s own.

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As a kid in a circus when the clown began sawing a lady in half. I almost screamed and couldn’t believe it when she emerged from the wooden box.

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Years ago when married, I had a nightmare that some big eyed, big headed alien was in our condo and clinging to the ceiling while watching me. Every time I woke up and then lulled back into sleep then I’d see it start moving again so I made my husband come to the floor in our living room with me and asked him to not let me fall asleep. It was an excruciating night and early morning waiting for the hallucinations to stop and we never did come up with a cause for it.

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Only you, dutchess….only you. :)

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My partner and I used to have a TV in the bedroom, and sometimes he would switch it on early in the morning for the news, while I would just doze because I didn’t have to get up so early. Well, one such morning I was dozing, listening to the news and they mentioned that there’d been an air crash, but I was too sleepy at the time to get the details. When I was fully awake I watched the news again to find out where it was and get more information.

And it wasn’t mentioned at all. Neither was there anything on the lunchtime news, nor the teatime or late evening. I was confused. Surely it couldn’t be possible that they’d mention a serious plane crash, and then not mention it at all for the rest of the day?

That day was 7 January 1989.

On 8 January, this happened

Which just goes to prove that having prophetic dreams about plane crashes is completely useless.

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@lazydaisy LOL! You actually read it! I gotta get you on my emailing list, because I sent that story out to a bunch of wisdmrs by email…and that’s what it was titled, “This would only happen to me!”

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@downtide That is kind of creepy.

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