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Is there only one place?

Asked by lloydbird (8735points) March 26th, 2010

Are all places , everywhere, part of the One Place, that constitutes the sum of all places?
I’m talking Universal here guys.

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If there is only one place, I’m betting I still couldn’t find a parking space.

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Sounds too deep for me. I am out of this place.

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@boxing Thanks for stopping by.

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as everything we’ve been able to observe thus far seems to be contained in the universe then you could say all places (everything observed) are in one place (the universe). if you consider theoretical multi-universes they too could be considered to be “in” something so they too would be “one place”.

just modify the definition of the place to the extent it to encompasses all other places in question and there you go. not exactly scientific but it seems to fit.

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Now here is Nowhere

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Any location(s) can be grouped as an individual place as long as that place can be considered as being within the confines of a larger place.

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I changed my mind…I am staying in this place…

Seriously, I think that ONE place is always in your head. All places are in one place, yep, that is my answer.

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Ah, is that why I am always all dressed up with no place to go?

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I think there might only be one space that contains all the places.

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Yes, the place that you are in.

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No matter where I go, there I am.

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It’s always second place for me.

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Doesn’t seem like there’s any place in this question for me. Next!

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Wherever I go there I am.

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Yes. This is the place.

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No. The word “place” has no meaning at all unless there is more than one of them. It’s in the nature of the word to distinguish one physical location or area or position from another. It’s relative. You can’t have a relative universal.

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I can’t even have a relative in the same place, except maybe my middle sister.

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Yes and no. It’s a matter of the definitions that make sense to us. If a multiverse exists is all of it one place? My answer would be yes.

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