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Why do we love to be self-destructive?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 8th, 2008

For example. It’s 5:10 am here in good ole’ Los Angeles, Ca. Rather than even attempt to sleep I have been sitting here wasting away since 7:00 pm, fully aware that it is negative to my health to stay up, unproductive not only during the night but the following day of recovery etc… Why do we love to be self-destructive?

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Do you truly love it, or is it actually the path of least resistance? Everything in nature seeks the least resistant path, from water to electricity…and human effort. There are always exceptions. ;)

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I would imagine going to sleep is the path of least resistance. I am tired therefore vulnerable to sleep, yet I won’t go to sleep, almost as though I am rebellious, a shaking of the fist, if you will.

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Exception! /grin

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we all have a inner child and like a child needs to know its loved and acepted so a baby cries to gain the attention it wants and needs we do the samething just on a bigger scale

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to ourselves though. That’s what fascinates me, at least in my opinion and I apologize if it sounds like I’m pigeon holing again, that isn’t my intention.

But it does fascinate me that we are like children on a bigger scale except we live in a form of dualism where we are the parent and child, this especially applies to the antonymous adult.

Now I’m not saying our “child” side is purely destructive. I think the “adult” can be just as destructive.

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Only when the adult let’s the inner child run the show

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Ah, I think I see what you are thinking.

This is a slight tangent; I have always thought that we are always the children we were, but we become more refined and socially conformed as we grow older.

Why did you stay up? What reasons did you give yourself last night? :)

(attacked by iPhone autocorrect)

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That’s the problem squirbel.. haha.. I can’t give myself a reason. I have every logical reason to go to sleep, but stay up? Nothing. The reasons I gave myself last night were in direct defiance of my desires(although I was not conscience of it at the time) I was, however, conscience of the consequences of my actions – I.E. Ruined Saturday now dedicated to recovery.

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I’m going to hazard a guess that your reason was very subtle – it is the weekend after all, and there are much fewer social constraints on a wasted Saturday than a weekday?

I don’t know, I guess I still think that you followed the path of least resistance… Were you doing something that may not necessarily been productive, but still captivated your attention? I say indulgence is easier than sleep anyday!

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Squirbel: I must succumb to the final piece of your statement. “Indulgence is easier than sleep any day!” You have opened my eyes, the only thing I could debate is perhaps my indulgence could have been the desire to sleep. I must admit there is no better feeling than that first closing of the eyes every night. It seems this night will be spent on my keyboard. :D

You have provoked much thought in me Squirbel. Thank you.

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Riser, like almost everyone else, part of you doesn’t want you to figure yourself, because it’s afraid, and it is sneaky, and will lure you into bad habits, self-condemnation, and time-consuming comforts, in a misguided attempt to prevent you from confronting what you’re afraid of.

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What a fantastic question! I have no idea how to answer it but…wouldn’t life be kind of boring if we all did as we were told? If we stayed healthy and eat the right foods and exercised daily? I think it would lead to a pretty monotonous (sp?) kind of life. Or maybe not….

Like i said, no idea. ^_^

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Plus maybe its the mind vs the body. Maybe it would go something like this:

Body: Getting tired now. I should go to bed.
Mind: Whoa! No way! I wanna stay up! (pout)
Body: Come on now…you have to sleep at some point >_>
Mind: I will later ok?
Body: NOW!!!
Mind: HELL NO!!
Body: Why not? Give me one good reason.
Mind: Because i want to!
Body: What kind of reason is that?
Mind: Screw you! I’m staying up late and thats that!

I think i just got a little more insane than i was 10 minutes ago O_O

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That’s the convo I had when I drank 3 Game Fuel mountain dew.

I learned I was very caffiene sensitive…

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XD (falls of chair in extreme laughter)

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I believe that, as human beings, we are one of the most intelligent and intellectual species on the planet. Because of that, we possess the urge to seek more out of life than mere procreation and survival; we seek meaning, we want to learn, we want to go through experiences and change. I think self-destructive opportunities empower us to do such things. They tap into our innate curiosity and force us to make decisions, go through experiences, and learn.

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I love being late to school. I try not to, but on certain days I just give in and skip first period (English, who needs it, amirite?) and go in a little late for second. It just feels like I’ve reset a bunch of built up tension when I skip a class. My school put in a phone call system for skips after my first year of high school, so skipping classes to relieve stress has gotten really hard.

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Why am I self-destructive? Because, ironically, it gives me the illusion of control. I really ought to clean the kitchen…but I choose to f*ck off! I really ought to be good to my body…but I choose to go party all night with my buddies! I think I use the excuse of “living in the moment” liberally during these times, correctly applied or not. Do I want to look back on my life and wish I had kept a cleaner kitchen? Furthermore, rebelling was part of my identity growing up – rebel against my uber-strict upbringing, rebel against my lame school and silly rules, etc. As the sources fade, the habit stuck. Honestly? Being self-destructive makes me feel young again.

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Self-destruction gets you through times of no confidence easier than confidence gets you through times of self-destruction. With a nod to Mr. Crumb

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