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What characters from other shows or movies are similar to characters from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Capulet, Mercutio, Friar Lawrence, Nurse)?

Asked by cdiroff27288 (3points) March 29th, 2010

ex: “King Triton” from “Little Mermaid” is simular to “Capulet” because they both are very controlling of thier daughters.

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Sure sounds like homework . . .

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Start by using the correct “their.” As homework goes, this one seems fairly easy. I assume you have read and understood the play?

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I think we should wait a day or two so our answers won’t be swiped for homework, and then discuss this. It’s a fun question.

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Sorry, I don’t know.

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Two days have passed. How about “West Side Story” for an obvious start?

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