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What is the gosh darn problem with having gays in the military?

Asked by davidbetterman (7545points) March 29th, 2010

Why does the US military practice a ban on openly gay service members?

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Homophobic tradition, and homosexual panic in self-loathing closeted homosexual officers.

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I really don’t know. Probobly will be a thing of the past soon.

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Homophobic tradition, and homosexual panic in self-loathing closeted homosexual officers.

Who are gay

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I am reminded of the famous vet, Leonard Matlovich, whose gravestone has this inscribed.

A Gay Vietnam Veteran
When I was in the military
they gave me a medal for killing two men
and a discharge for loving one

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Because of the wrong notion that homosexual men aren’t ‘real men’ whatever the eff that means.

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The military’s version concerning the purpose of the policy is that gay people could be blackmailed and could betray their country.
My cousin & uncle are both Vets, they both claim there have always been gays in the military some even flaming but as long as they are not out of the closet,it is always the 600 lbs gorilla in the room when it comes for anyone to admit the obvious !

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I guess (when I ask myself this same question whilst watching the topic on the news) is that heteros are so insecure with themselves that working alongside a homo is too distracting for them, so they make rules to just not bring it up.

I myself, being a hetero, couldn’t care less if I were in the military and I had a gay dude on my team. However, I can see how the dumb dumb heteros could say something along the lines of “I don’t want him checking me out” (meanwhile, the gay guy isn’t checking him out at all)

It’s the heteros causing a big thing out of nothing b/c they aren’t secure enough with themselves.

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The argument has always been “unit cohesion.” The idea is that gays would disrupt the ability of military units to work together in a highly disciplined environment.

One way of reading is that gays are completely incapable of maintaining that environment b/c of their apparent promiscuous ways. The other way is that the average heterosexual American male is incapable of being comfortable around gay men in close living conditions. Both scenarios would result in negatively disrupting the morale and combat effectiveness of any military unit. Or so they say. If the former scenario is true, I’d say military leadership is grossly misinformed and bigoted. For the latter, I’d say the leadership needs to actually update their relevant sources re: the subject and have some faith in the average heterosexual American male.

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What he said! Points @bobloblaw

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I see a plus side: once the draft rolls around, all I have to do is whip out my G-card and I’ll be outta there…

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LOL! That’s hilarious. Shit, I don’t have a G Card but I’d create a fake G Card if it kept me out of Iraq, LOL.

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@DominicX so if your number is called and it’s a just war. You would be proud not to serve?

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@mrrich724 there wont be a draft for Iraq. That would not bode well for most americans.

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I have absolutely no support for forced service in the military.

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@DominicX I do support forced service if it’s necessary. Like if our way of life was at a grave risk.

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@DominicX I agree. @Mikelbf2000 Our lives are always at risk. Are you not aware of the current war. It’s about people not believing in the same way of life. Don’t make me fly overseas to shoot & kill people just to see if we could possibly make a difference. I’d rather die here in America, than over there with a gun strapped to my chest & blood on my hands & be known as a ‘hero.’

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@rpmpseudonym I see things differently I would kill and have blood on my hands to perserve our way of life. We simply think differently.

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My dad, who was in the Navy for years, once told me that the only reason he could think of as to why gay people weren’t allowed in the military was because they could make heteorsexual people feel uncomfortable in the showers and bunkers. He said that men and women aren’t expected to shower together because that could be uncomfortable all round so it makes sense that gay people wouldn’t be allowed to shower with the gender they are attracted to. Fine. That is a fair enough reason as to why they can’t shower together but surely showering together is an extremely miniscule part of military life. Does anyone know if there is any truth in my dad’s theory? He wasn’t saying that he thought it was right, just that that was the reason he had been led to believe.

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I swear if I live to be 100 I’ll never ever understand why people are so interested in what everyone else does in private. So long as its between two consenting adults and doesn’t involve children or animals, the world should mind its own beeswax if you ask me. Being gay is exactly, exactly the same as being hetro, only difference is who you’re attracted to. News flash, gay folk have jobs, read newspapers, watch sports… I’m being sarcastic here but this drives me nuts. Being gay does not turn you into some kind of predator desperate to jump innocent hetro buddies. Just HOW ridiculous is that notion? And how ridiculous is it that humans with brains in their heads would think that way, sheesh. Makes me despair of the human race.

In this so called civilised age, and with all of the problems in the world, with people dying, why are politicians still passing laws and still trying to convince people that “its ok to be gay” there should be no question that its not only ok, but perfectly bloody normal. Like I said before somewhere, its no more odd than having blue eyes instead of brown. Folk should just grow up, and if they can’t, if they can’t accept that, shocker!! there are folk in the world who don’t live the way they do, they should go live in a wee shack on a mountain somewhere, taking their closed minds with them and give the rest of us peace. <puts soapbox away> OK, I’m off for a cup of tea, hugs everyone xx

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