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Trying to upload an avatar, not working. Help?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) March 30th, 2010

It keeps saying that it only accepts, jpeg, png and all that, and my avatar that I want is clearly jpg, so why can’t I upload anything? I’ve tried like three different versions of the same one, something with the computer itself or what? (Also, it’s not too big.)

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There’s a few possibilities with this…can you post the exact error you’re getting and/or email me the image so I can see what the deal is?

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Where’s the problem occurring? You can only have 4 avatar choices uploaded at once. Also, you have to choose the avatar at the bottom. Or is the problem uploading at the “Browse” level? I see tim is answering so that should do it.

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I had this issue before with an image I was trying to upload. It had something to do with the image itself. Could you try finding another copy or same type of whatever the image is portraying and upload it?

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@janbb Symbeline only has three avatars currently uploaded so that’s not it but good call on double checking that—that can definitely be an issue.

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This is what I get every time; We’re only accepting images of the JPEG, GIF, and PNG variety.

This is like the fourth picture and they all do that. I can’t even selct it from the bottom because it won’t even get there.

This is the picture I wanted to use, it’s on my desktop right now.

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@Symbeline hmm, I was able to upload that image successful as my avatar. And we haven’t had any recent errors for uploads…I switched the ownership of it from me to you. You should be able to switch to it instead of uploading (on this page). We’ll take a look and see if we can figure out what went wrong.

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Worked for me. Did you save it as a jpeg from your desktop? I’ll change mine back as soon as you see this.

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Just to be sure you can always try restarting your browser (and perhaps clearing your cookies), try a different browser or restart your computer. I can’t promise any of that will work but it might…

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Gonna try some of the suggestions, feel free to change to your original avatar. :)

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@timtrueman Oh it worked! (Switching the ownership.)

No idea what the problem is, I’m guessing it’s my own computer, if it worked for everyone else…this is fine for now though, thanks. :) (I knew it was normal, and supposed to work though.)

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