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Ladies: If your partner liked you hairy would you give up shaving?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) March 30th, 2010

If you were dating someone who preferred your legs, underarms and bikini area with a natural (read unshaven) look, do you think you would/could give up shaving? Or is the pressure to shave just too great? My mom had a razor in my hand before I was 12 and I’ve never looked back, it would be a huge shift for me.

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I don’t think that I could do it.

I’d need to shave. I prefer it that way.

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My previous bf preferred everything shaved, so I complied. My new bf likes me whatever way I want to be… sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t. Unconditional love rocks!

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In the wintertime, I would be glad to bow to his preferences. In the summer, or where it shows, I would have to go with what I was comfortable.

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I’d have to at least trim my bush, the hair irritates my skin and my period flows better without it. I shave my legs not that much so wouldn’t annoy me. Underarm hair=sweaty=bad=I’d struggle to give it up

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I’ve only shaved my legs a few times in my life and I’m in my 50’s. It is because the hair on my legs is like the hair on my face, you can hardly see it. I shave my underarms and would never stop b/c the hair is dark and visible. My husband likes the bikini area shaved, so I do shave there, but I hate having to and if he had not stated a preference, I would not do it.

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Helluva question! I thought about it for a second then thought, “Well, if he could convince me that would be quite convienient! So sure!” But then I thought about going out in public and….no.

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I don’t think I would give up shaving. I like my legs smooth, but I’m fortunate enough that I only need to shave once a week.

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No.I like smooooooth.

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Just a guys opinion but I would love you just the way you are. It’s tough to be happy with just one style. Changeing things up spices things up. Lose what don’t work for you and your partner.

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I don’t shave or not shave for my partner’s sake. I shave rarely and it’s when I play femme for tango.

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I gave up any pretense at trying to scrape a sharp blade across my tender furry skin in the 1960’s, along with smearing goo on my face and calling it pretty. Ugh.

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I don’t shave much as it is. I only shave when I feel like it, or if I am going to show my legs. Wifey doesn’t care either way. If she preferred me non-shaven, I’d still shave if I felt like it.

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@tinyfaery Me too – except for the wifey part.

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Another dude’s perspective:

I hate shaving my face. I wear a beard partly because of my distaste for taking a blade to my skin every day. If a partner told me to shave it off I would tell them in no uncertain terms “no chance in hell”. It wouldn’t matter what she wanted. It’s my face and I have to live with it. Because of this I would hesitate to even tell her I prefer clean-shaven legs on women. It’s her body, I accept it in whatever state she decides is best for her.

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She likes me soft and fury. I like me smooth and ready for fresh sheets. Sometimes times I indulge her and sometimes I indulge myself.

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I would do whatever made me happy and trust that he would enjoy me being myself- not a reflection of his wishes.

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I probably wouldn’t stop shaving the pits…he would have to get over that. I guess I could hold off on shaving my legs until I wore a dress or skirt or something, cause then that junk would have to come off. As for the vajayjay – I could go either way, it doesn’t bother me if it’s there or not. It really depends on how YOU feel about it. If you feel comfortable, go for it.

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My legs and armpits no way, he would have to compromise!! As for my bikini lines I think that would be great. Tired of following “fashion” and the bald egg look :P

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He married me knowing I liked to be shaven so, no. I wouldn’t feel sexy with hairy legs so it wouldn’t work out for him in the end. (no sexy = no sex)

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I’d take his preference into consideration, but what I want when it comes to that comes first.
Armpits though, I could never stop shaving them. I’d feel unclean.

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I wouldn’t give it up. For me, I prefer things clean and smooth. I’m not going to change my hygiene ritual for anyone.

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Your mother made you shave? Wow.
I like smooth legs (and stuff). I don’t think I’d date a man that likes hair, though. Thats a little much for me

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The legs I don’t shave anyway since I only wear pants and it’s very light coloured. My pits I’d have to always shave. My nether region is shaved usually but I could go without shaving it if need be. The only one I have a problem with is armpit hair. It’s gross on both sexes

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Mind you, in the winter I’m pretty lax when it comes to shaving the legs. I mostly wear dress pants to work then. The missus wouldn’t/doesn’t care and sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to shave my legs. The “situation” and under arms are always groomed, though. Like I said, I prefer it that way.

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@meagan as soon as there was hair in the pits she taught me to shave. I wouldn’t say she “made” me do it, but she did teach me how and encouraged it at least a bit. I am sure I was very excited to be doing such a grown up thing, but I don’t really remember.

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Yeah, why not? Hardly a big sacrifice.

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Whatever. It’d be easier for me. I rarely shave my legs as it is. Especially in winter. It’s inconvenient and then I run out of hot water if I do it in the shower and I needddd hot water when I am in the shower. I’m not really trying to impress others with my body hair and how I keep it so if he had a preference I’d go with the flow.

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From another guys perspective, it totally depends on what her state of “au natural” is. I actually prefer completely natural, unless it’s like the Amazon Jungle! My current gf never shaves “down there” and that’s how I prefer it. I can’t stand the bald look down there, or even the racing stripe. I find it a complete turn off. Really. However, if it’s total 70s bush, then a little grooming is in order. And she’s only got, like, 7 or 8 hairs under each arm, so she shaves there only in the summer, though I would prefer if she didn’t. And her legs are virtually hairless naturally, so she never has to shave there. And that’s fine w/ me—I do prefer smooth legs.

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I already don’t shave too terribly often. My husband actually gets excited when I tell him I’ve shaved something. But I do occasionally like to make him happy. I’d get equally as happy if he was fine with me shaving once every other month or so. I guess I’m the dirty hippie of fluther, aren’t I?

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I gave up shaving years ago for personal reasons. My leg hair is dark and coarse. My arm pit hair is light, soft, and sparse. I’ve got a out-of-shape afro going on in the nether-regions. Now that you know my business…

My partner doesn’t mind the appearance, but there are occasions she’d prefer smooth skin on me. During those times I hand her the razor and I pray I don’t get sliced.

The curious thing for me is the embarrassment I feel displaying my hairy legs in public. When I have a doctor’s appt, I usually preface before disrobing by saying jokingly it’s a lesbian thing. In other situations, like when I’m wearing shorts in the neighborhood, I feel awkward when I notice someone looking at my legs.

It’s sad to me that I feel awkward and embarrassed considering that it is by choice I don’t shave my legs. It shows me how conditioned I am to believe that ladies are supposed to shave their legs and that there is something wrong with them if they don’t. I know not every culture conveys this message to women. There are some cultures, even in the U.S. that consider it okay or even necessary not to shave for aesthetic, philosophical, or religious reasons.

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@prolificus You’re not the only one – I get uncomfortable too when I know I shouldn’t.

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I prefer the hairless look, so I probably would stick with what I like.

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It’s no big deal in Europe not to shave.

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