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Anxious about dentist, allergies to composite fillings?

Asked by Ammolite (72points) March 31st, 2010

So, it’s 3:39AM, and I can’t sleep because I’m too concerned about my dental appointment tomorrow (2 baby teeth pulled, and 4 composite fillings).

I have a history of severe allergies (latex, aspirin, many medications, food allergies), and I’m really concerned that I’m going to get sick from the dental composite material or the resins they use to bond them. I know it’s rare, but I’ve gotten a lot of rare shit before, and I just am at a place in my life where I’m happy and healthy and I want to stay that way.

Have you ever met anyone allergic to them?

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Tell the dentist about your concerns before he/she starts the work.

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Don’t worry about all that. Hope instead that you are not allergic to the pain killer Lidocaine.

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Haha, I actually am. I have to get carbocaine without epinephrine and no preservatives.

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@Ammolite You are one very sensitive individual! I just had a root canal recently, and had to extract a molar last year… Boy am I ever glad I am not too allergic to the dentist chems!

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@davidbetterman Sorry to hear about all that dental work, though.

Yeah, I am, but when I see people allergic to the sun, gluten, soy, etc., I feel grateful.

I just hope it all goes well, because few things in my life turn out without a hitch.

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Tell your dentist your concerns. They are prepared to deal with them. Teeth pulled sucks but it isn’t bad. (get the gas if you can). This stuff is inevitable. Get a simple filling now or get 4 root canals in a few years. The filling hurts a lot less. Trust me. I have had both.

Get the gas if you can and bring a iPod. Between the two I haven’t felt any pain at the dentists for a long time.

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I’m a Registered and Certified Dental Assistant and I never once heard about that happening when I went to school or worked in dental offices. I really wouldn’t worry.

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@Ammolite By the way, I lurve your avatar!

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