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What is McCain's reaction to Bush's veto today?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) March 8th, 2008

Today, Bush vetoed legislation that would outlaw some torture tactics used by the CIA in interrogations (a shameful, but completely in-character decision, if you ask me). I’m curious what John McCain’s reaction to this is/will be? As someone who has been tortured in a Vietnam POW camp, will he denounce Bush’s decision or will he suck up to the hard-right out of fear of losing that segment of the vote? (As an aside, will that demographic get a name, you know, like “soccer moms” only more like “torture dads” or something?)

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McCain has changed his mind several times about waterboarding. In the beginning, he was against it. I don’t remember when exactly he switched to support it, but I suspect it was around the time he laid his head on Dubya’s bosom. (would link the picture of the manly hug, but alas)...

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Yeah, I used to respect McCain, but as soon as he started running for President, he rolled over on all his morals. Basically, he’s just saying and doing whatever he can to get elected now. I can’t possibly respect that.

PS, the far right are traditionally called “fascists” although for some reason that terminology is avoided in the US.

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McCain voted against this bill a couple of weeks ago. So he’d be fine with Bush vetoing it.

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ok think if we know a nuke was planted in new York city and we knew who put it there and its going to go off in 24 hours but we dont know the location of it what should we do to find it ow and your kid is there on a field trip to the twin towers site

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OK, think if you’re a detainee and you’re being tortured. Wouldn’t you say anything to get it to stop? That’s the problem with these techniques, they don’t get reliable information.

Yes, I’m starting from a premise that torture is wrong and/or a bad idea. I’m interested in the tension between that position (which McCain has fought for in the past) and the new political calculus that you have to be in favour of torture to be elected President of the United States of America.

I find it depressing that we even have to have this discussion, but here we are thanks to 7 years of The Decider deciding that we should throw out “quaint” protections like the Geneva Conventions and the Magna Carta in favour of an all-powerful, “unitary executive” (aka dictator)!

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I beleive all human life has value including unborn babies but we need to protect ourselfs I wish it was not the way it is but we were attacked and now we are at war

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Such basic politics, how cute! coochie coo!

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@oneye36, Being at war doesn’t make information gathered through torture any more reliable. Sorry.

Do you really think George W. Bush should be deciding to throw out the last 800 years of human history and abolishing habeus corpus? Do you really think George W. Bush should be making torture the policy of the United States? Who is he to do these things? Spying on American citizens. Detaining people with no due process. Privacy and the right to defend yourself in court are cornerstones of human liberty. If we’re willing to give up these things, then there’s no reason to even fight the terrorists. They’ve already won.

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they are not protected under our laws and have no right that is why they are not in our country but in Cuba and maybe if the wire taps had not run out and the government could have used them this last 2 weeks just a thought maybe just maybe a bomb would not have went off in new York city

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I think your wrong I’m just going to leave it at that

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I think where right wingers get it wrong is when they conflate the desire of people like me to protect basic liberties with not wanting to defend and protect the people of the United States. I’m all for fighting terrorists. I just think we’re going about it in a completely screwy and self-defeating way. I’ll just leave it at that.

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McCain has officially said he supports Bush’s veto of anti-torture legislation. What a creep.

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