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What television commercial would make a great feature film?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) March 31st, 2010

Have you heard the news about the E*Trade baby commercials becoming a feature film?

Yes, I know, very sad.

So, this got me thinking. What commercial do you think could actually become a decent movie? What would make it good? What would the plot be? Who would star? Any other details about it?

If you think it would be better off as a T.V. show, please explain.

Try to pick a popular commercial that many would know of.

Hint: serial commercials probably would work better, such as the Geico Gecko.

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I don’t even like the e-trade baby commercials for the 40 seconds that I do see them. TiVo, blessed invention that it is, allows me to skip over them.
You can’t take a feature in which the average length is less than a minute, and expand that to a 90 running time and expect there not to be a lot of filler.
They tried making a TV show out of the Geico cavemen and it might have lasted 2 maybe 3 weeks.
There are no commercials in existence which would make for any sort of good cinema.

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Victoria’s Secret.

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I’d rather stab my eyeball with a fork than watch any commercial that’s been made into a feature film. Twenty seconds (give or take a few) is long enough for me, thanks.

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In a world where people go without car insurance…

One woman would step up to provide affordable rates….

(cue dramatic music and explosions)

That woman

Is Flo.

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Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles.

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I like that commercial with David Letterman and Jay Leno together with Winfrey Oprah in the middle playing peacemaker. They could really plot this whole thing out and make a hilarious movie about a feud between 2 old men…...

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A Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure type movie starring the Aflac duck.

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I remember years ago Jim Varney’s Character Ernest went on to make several movies after appearing in commercials.Admittedly they weren’t great,this is the only example I can relate.

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Well, this French commercial has viability. Drew Carey could play the part of the seal.

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@Everyone You don’t need to be too serious, please include some funny answers!

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I want to see a Flo movie only if it is on late night Skinemax.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s the first one I thought of! Nice.

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It would probably suck, but I would definitley pay to see a movie about The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

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@Captain_Fantasy, Flo is pretty hot without all the caked on makeup.

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I kinda like her with all that makeup.

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That old soap opera-y Taster’s Choice series of commercials with the lovers. Every time they had a cup of coffee, though, there was a cliffhanger and the spot would end.

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The Orbit “Dirty Mouth” commercial where the guy goes “What the french toast?!” would be cool if they could pull that type of dialog throughout the entire film.

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the new Ghost recon game trailer

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How about that poor, overworked Dunkin’ Doughnuts man? “It’s ALWAYS time to make the doughnuts!”

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How about the “I fell down and I can’t get up.” commercials? That’d be a great feature film!

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I could see an animated feature-length thing with Erin of E-surance. It would definitely have to be R-rated, though.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a short on Where’s the Beef?, but we already saw too much of that in the 1984 presidential election campaign.

They could bring back the Alka Seltzer commercials from the 60s and 70s: “That’s a spicy meat-a-ball!” and “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Or the Hertz commercials with OJ Simpson: He could fly into the driver’s seat of new cars all around the country while he continues to look for “the real killer”. (The ironic kicker is that he’d always readjust the rearview mirror when he landed in the seat—and we’d see a shot of his eyes in the mirror. Yeah, I’m a regular Quentin Tarantino here.)

But the commercial I really might pay to see would be the “Tastes Great! Less Filling!” Bud Light commercial—in an R-rating.

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Just about any advert for Guinness (the Irish beer). Their ads are almost like movies already, and are rarely anything to do with beer.

This one is my favourite

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Your answer makes me laugh inside :D

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@CyanoticWasp I was just thinking about that E-surence comercial! yes i also think that could make a good animated feature length.

@mrentropy true about the Alfack commercial
I just thought of another commercial that could done in a “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” kind of style with a twist of “Mr. Bean’s Hoilday”..... a movie about the Travelosity commercial featuring the Garden Gnome?

What about some of those infomercials about feeding poor and homless childrens from third world countries? Or some infomercials like the St. Judas Hospital about helping the ill and cancer diagnoseid youth through donation? These types of infomercials could all possibly make some interesting docudrama movies about contributers and caretakers who risk their lives to help others in need. If these commercials gets made into a docudrama movie, more audience might actually be aware about what is going on in the world and their society which would help bring more great contribution to the cause(s).

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So yes, definitely Flo and her pristine bleached white adventures in car insurance. Could also be a Pee Wee Herman type thing.

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Remember, they actually did make a TV show based on the Geico Caveman commercials.
And don’t forget they totally screwed up the sweet trailers for Ironman, by making it into a movie.

I don’t really care, as long as it isn’t the bear family with little pieces of toilet paper on their butts.

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Picture this: The AT&T guy is downloading his body on the Verizon network, right? And it only gets from his feet to his neck, okay? Then the AT&T guy finishes his pitch and when he looks around, the body is gone! Yeah, that’s right. The body goes off and has a cross country adventure, getting into one zany situation after another. And, get this, nobody notices that it’s missing the head! People just think he’s kind of quiet and, you know, simple.

As a sub-plot, the AT&T guy goes chasing after it, always one step behind. People won’t help him because they think he’s a villain. They don’t recognize the face, you see, so they don’t know why he’s really after the body.

Along the way a love interest pops up, a strong moral is presented, and hilarity ensues.

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A remake of The Da Vinci Code with the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the Tom Hanks role.

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Mr Clean to the rescue, along with the Clark Pest Control man.

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The kgb (knowledge generation bureau) commercials….! Perhaps an action-comedy movie about those undercover people from the kgb database? Making the world a better place by answering people’s many questions as quick as possible….through text message.

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The one with the dips and brocolie comes along and they EXCLUDE him so he goes FINE have your own f***ing party I’ll go hang out with celery!!!!! Hahaha. ( I love that add.)

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Not the commercial per se but the idea behind it. It is by an insurance where Person A helps a stranger, Person B looking on.. Person B helps a stranger, Person C noticing… and so on.

I know there have been movies about people being connected by an object for example The Yellow Rolls Royce. There are movies that have inter-related stories around an event likr Crash and movies with events connected by characters like Babel.

What I would like to see a movie where a random act leads to something happening, Then that causes a supporting character to be affected which leads to another random act. So there would be 5 or 6 vignettes with the theme that it isn’t big things that guide our lives but seemingly inconsquential things

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Isn’t that the premise of Kevin Spacey’s Pay it Forward?

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@benjanbbimew but if the Earth’s poles flip, then it would be more like Mel Gibson’s Pay(it)back.

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@bencyanoticwaspim Very cute.

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@bengalileogirlew everyone’s “real” name is sandwiched in there. You can tell who someone is. It’s harder without the avatar, but it’s not that hard.

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@timgalileogirlendrew And as I said on one of the the other places you posted this cranky remark, check out the Meta section.

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the netflix commercials they are funny in a stupid way. XD

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I don’t like Capitol One, and I don’t like cavemen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Capitol One vikings in something.

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