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What movie that set in the future do you think will be the most accurate?

Asked by erichw1504 (26433points) March 29th, 2010

For example: I, Robot (2004) is set in 2035. How accurate do you believe it will be when that time comes in terms of technology, look, how people interact, socially, environmentally, etc…?

It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, so decribe what parts of the movie, you think, will be.

Please give the movie’s title, year it is set in, and what parts of it will be the same when that time actually comes.

Bonus: What movie’s future time has already come to pass in reality and how accurate was it?

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Children of men. Not so much all of the infertility stuff, but the picture of the kid who never leaves the house because all he does is play video games and the huge gap between rich and poor. Set in 2027.

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“The Day After Tomorrow”


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@erikaziger I’ve been meaning to see that movie. Thanks for your answer!

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@TheOnlyException The Day After Tomorrow

I saw that when it first aired in ‘83 or ‘84. Scared the hell out of me.

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@TheOnlyException Because Earth is overdue for its next Ice Age?

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Blade Runner

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Blade runner! 2019 robots working off world most likely as they are now on mars etc

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I also need to see Blade Runner…

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@FutureMemory No, you are thinking of ‘The Day After’ yet another movie I love, and frankly beats the crap out of The Day After Tomorrow.
@erichw1504 seems to know what I mean aha

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Movie: I Am Legend. Year: 2012. I think that some type of virus may wipe out the majority of the world or at least a country within the next 50 years or so.

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Yor: Hunter From The Future
Year: Not specified, just “the future.”
Furs will be in fashion again.

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@erichw1504 I am legend! That was the other one I was trying to think of. I actually believe some shit like that is gonna go down in the near future. Humanity is getting into stuff they really should avoid.

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Gattaca had not defined year, but it was about people who are natural born considered inferior to those whose DNA was designed to produce the healthiest, smartest people.

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The Time Traveller. 1960. The degeneration of the human race is quite intriguing.

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@mrrich724 took the words out of my mouth.When will this happen?Not anytime soon but i’d book tickets for the Axiom just in case.

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The Island. Set in the year 2019. Seems to be a little too far advanced techologically (it’s only 9 years from now). But, I do think that harvested clones could be used like that sometime in our future.

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@TheOnlyException ahh yes you’re quite right.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to see a fantastic movie about nuclear war check out Threads

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@FutureMemory yes someone else into the nuclear disaster shit! I swear it is addictive 0_o
that threads thing looks interesting. thanks for putting that up.

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Planet of the Apes.

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Or Rollarball.

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Robocop! Though i’m not sure how high the crime is in Detroit to need a robocop.

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1984—they just got the year wrong

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@malevolentbutticklish 1984 is a great one. Dont want to find myself in room 101 x_o

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Blade Runner about 500–1000 years from now.

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@PacificToast That’s one of my favorite part’s. When he’s watching that store front and fashions change over time.

I thought V for Vendetta was a good one. It’s set in 2038. It’s about how goverment can control a nation and how that nation finally reacts to that.
Remeber, remeber the 5th of November. I also remember when the film came out, they were saying what a socially concious film it was.

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Rollerball. The original, with James Caan. Not the horrible remake.

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Hmm….The only futuristic movie that I can remember is Back to the Future. I can’t remember what year the future part was, but I know I remember watching it and thinking, “This is probably how it’s going to be, only not with 80’s styles!”

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I’d definately have to go with Wall-E. I don’t remember when it was set but the notion that once we trash earth we’ll just leave and be doomed forever to be fat little people that hover around seems totally possible. I mean we’re kinda already headed there.

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I don’t want to go to the future, I’d like to regress to the Little house on the prairie days myself. lol

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Idiocracy… oh wait, that’s already come true.

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I thought Children of Men did a good job with the design of the world- as in it was advanced in some ways but not advanced in others- there was a station wagon in the film for example- semi gritty run down metropolis- but there are still wooded areas too. AI in the beginning of the film I think also had a pretty plausible world, until we got into Jude Law’s part, etc.

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i think the latest time machine where the moon comes apart!

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On The Beach

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Logan’s Run?

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I would really like to see blade runner become a reality. I could have an android keep my place clean 24×7, it’d be awesome!

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Ah yes Logan’s run, the film with Michael York,, good one,, :-/

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@Scooby And Farrah Fawcett!

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Indeed Farrah Fawcett! ;-) .....RIP……

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The Fifth Element – Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman (1997)

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@actuallery I’m losing hope of ever seeing a flying car.

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@mrentropy – Considering that harrier jets are like a flying car, and that actually the same principal has been applied to an actual flying car, it’s not totally unlikely that production for such a car is not possible.

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I’m supposed to have a lunar base, maid robot, and flying car by the year 2000. I’m losing hope.

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