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Naughty neighbors....what to do?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) April 3rd, 2010

My drunk little nurse next door threw a tantrum last Nov. and kicked my acoustic guitar I had lent her bf last Nov. She is a better-than-thou perfect little biatch who I have to live next to for years.

I can not forgive her,as my best pals and a guy from Zappa have played that guitar. Months later, I will talk to her roomie but cant really stand the sight of her selfish highness. She has no respect for others.

Usually I’m okay for getting rid of toxic situations, i.e., writing, expressing, purging, meditating on good. I want to get that guitar I hear outside on her porch and bash it like a madman.

What do I do?

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Get the guitar back if it is your property. Let the bf, if he is still putting up with her nonsense, get a new one.

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I have the broken one here, with promises of replacing it. “I will crap out the money on your porch” He also made the promise. Why is he finally playin his own? Did she buy him a new one?

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It doesn’t matter what he has, it only matters that you get your property replaced. Keep pressure on the both of them and if it doesn’t work explore legal action.

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I get sick every time I look at her…..

Legal action – takes so much energy I’m not feelin well. and would cost more than the cost of the guitar.

I want to tell her Daddy, who owns the florist around here. I’m sure he wouldnt like his daughter being such a childish snob.

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This seems to have taken a large chunk of your energy. They don’t seem worth it. Perhaps view this as a learning experience and move on.

If that’s not how you want to handle this then ask them one more time and let them know a reasonable time frame in which they have to fix it. Otherwise you will take legal action. Chances are you may not have to, but they need to know you are serious.

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“Kicked guitar”???? Immediate death!

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Grow up. Destroying a perfectly good musical instrument simply you make you feel better is childish and irresponsible. At least your neighbour was having a tantrum (not that they are an excuse) but you are want to damage a guitar for no good reason. You don’t burn books and you don’t destroy musical instruments.

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. . . destroying things can be therapeutic. I tore a crappy book in half the other day and I think it really helped me. I now have no tolerance for cheap storytelling.

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@axemusica you get it. i’m a musician.
@darkscribe I’m responsible. I dont destroy instruments. I’m angry and I dont throw tantrums.
@zophu dont burn books or tear one up??

You have got to vent some anger sometimes. People take advantage of you if you continue to be a punching bag. I have gotten our fence fixed, gotten her paint to paint her side and she gets to destroy my instrument? Life is not fair and I get tired of being the better person.
I have lived by rednecks, and now self righteous biatches. Patience has its limits.

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burn it. you’ll feel so much better.

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Grow up?? Dont responsible adults learn that you break things, you are responsible for replacing them? I was taught that virtue.

I learned that tantrums are not acceptable. Not pretty on that naughty spoiled nurse.

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If you’re being taken advantage of and there’s no way to talk reason into the bitch, find a way to deal. If you have to be “civilized” about it have a cup of tea next to the fire place as you listen to the strings snap.

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@zophu xoxoxox Thanks. It’s bad to think we have bought houses next door. I live in paradise, next to a snot.

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Have you ever confronted her and told her what you think of her?

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You could always blow up her house.

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Never lend anyone anything that you are not okay with losing or never getting back.

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Oh yes,she cried that I thought she was a bad person. I never said that. She is self-centered. She’s a drama queen.

BTW, she got cheating on said bf,and threw tantrum because she got caught.

I trusted her bf, but when he moved, she threw the fit. I didnt even find out until 3 weeks later.

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I don’t think you need to worry about her and her drama. Push to get whatever it is you need to resolve this for yourself. If it means that he will not want to associate with you, then so be it. This sort of thing drains you of your positive energy and life is to short to waste on someone else’s drama.

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I say talk to the bf about getting it fixed. You loaned it to him and so he accepted responsibility for any damages that occurred. Is she also responsible. Yes, but when I borrow something from someone I accept full responsibility to return it as I recieved it. Unless its a chocolate cake then thats another story. Obviously they meant for me to eat it. LOL
Forget about her. He should be paying for the repairs and giving it back to you as good as he got it.

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