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Can somebody tell me what this dream means?

Asked by deepdivercwa55m (353points) April 5th, 2010

I saw it some days ago. I was outside my father’s restaurand. It was very dark and no one was outside. I suppose it was 3 to 4 am. So, I witnessed a terrible motorbike accident. The bike was one of those big and powerful ones. The man that was riding the bike fell and it looked to me that he broke his whole body! The man to me was a total stranger. But without thinking i run towards him and check if he was ok. The man just stood up (looked like he was in pain) and left without any damages.
Well i dont think this dream has to do with my father’s restaurand. The place i was didn’t caught my attention I only cared about the man.
Thank you.

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I am a bit confused because you said you “saw it?” Did you dream it?

I will take it as a dream. The man and the bike are very masculine symbols. You may be going through some tough times emotionally right now, but you are not aware of your own strength. Although recently you have become aware of how strong you are. You might be fearful of someone or something that is expecting the male strong side to show itself. (Male as in characteristic not sexual denotation). But you are also hurting but not talking about it. As you feel it would upset people in doing so.

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yes sorry am not english :) am greek

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Nobody but you can possibly tell you what your own dream means. You produced it, and no one knows the inner workings of your mind the way you do.

Dreams never have “standard” meanings that can be looked up in a book, and to further complicate things, many dreams are random static and don’t “mean” anything at all.

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It could be anything honey, maybe something you’ve seen on tv or in a movie. Dreams can be very upsetting, I’ve had some terrible ones. Just try to forget it sweetheart, not worth worrying over. hugs xx

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You may find Jung’s theories interesting in helping with deciphering your dreams. here

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Are you conflicted with helping your dad at his restaurant or helping him in some way?
Strangers in dream can often be yourself or someone near to you.
Since it was near the restaurant it may be that the stranger was a mixture of yourself and your dad. You want to rescue this person (leaving you helpless in the dream to change things) but its going all too pieces. You arrive to see the person is fine. Meaning you may feel your dad will be fine but you sense he is hiding hurt feelings (damages). May be you feel what your dad needs from you isn’t something you feel you can provide or you feel he’s getting older and needs your help despite what he says.
Just guessing?

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Maybe I was wrong. It looks like you have found people who understand your subconscious better than you do! Lucky!

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whoa pandora you are very good. All you said was so true!!!!

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way to go! Pandora!!

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So you witnesses an accident that you had no control over. but it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. So what you thought might fall apart without you turned out to not need you at all. Seems perfectly clear to me if you apply the context to your fathers restaurant. You’re worried and feel guilty that something you don’t want to do may require you, but in the end you are not necessary. The man seems to be in pain but is actually ok.
So, does your Dad want you to help with the business but you want to do something else with your life?

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@dimitris Glad I could help. I find dreams that seem to follow a kind of story plot and that you can remember very clearly usually come from some unresolved issue that we put aside while we are awake, or we are in denial. It lays dormant in your head till you fall asleep. Then you try to resolve it in your sleep. Usually when you feel very concern in your dream about some stranger, it is someone close to you or yourself. Now of course some dreams just come from watching something on tv that just lingered in your thoughts till you fell asleep. If I fall asleep while watching the news, I’ll dream about murder, rape, or even the stock market if those were the topics.
@JustJustine. Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

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Somtimes an outside perspective gives you an insight that you’re to close to see.
Just my 2 cents :-)

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It doesn’t mean anything. Dreams are just your brain putting out the trash.

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Congratulations.. i believe your dream means nothing. Some elements might come from a movie that you had watched before.

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no it did mean i know what am saying. Congratulations you were wrong.

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