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How do you organize and prioritize?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) April 5th, 2010

I use, ToDo lists and the Hipster PDA

What do you do?

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Shiny rate and impulse. Shiny rate is how appealing a task is. The more appealing it is the the more likely I am to do it. Charts and grids are to restricting. I can afford to be lazy.

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I don’t. Life happens. (My secretary does keep filling up my calendar though. You would have expected her to give up by now.)

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I just started using Microsoft Works Calendar, and I also carry a day/weekly planner. I am also a high fan of Post-it notes.

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I use a Franklin Covey planner and have for many years. Keeps me organized and doesn’t require batteries or a computer.

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I use my I phone.

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I use a paper agenda calendar to keep appointments in PENCIL. I make a daily list if I’m overwhelmed but generally I never stop working. I just do the next thing on my list that’s highest priority. Credit card bill is due and rent is due- cc takes priority etc.

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Classify my activities as follows:

1) urgent & important -> focus and do your best
2) not urgent & important -> store in your personal log (which you check regularly)
3) urgent & not important -> be pragmatic, i.e. 20% of your time gets you 80% results already
4) not urgent & not important -> ignore

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