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Tips/tricks on saving/filing more efficiently using Windows 7?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) April 5th, 2010

As a paralegal I am constantly saving and filing documents electronically to one of hundreds of folders. We also recently upgraded to Windows 7. I am wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for making saving/filing more efficient, particularly when saving e-mails from Outlook, PDF’s from Adobe, and MS-Word documents, but also for opening documents from the myriad folders. Is there any way, program, tip, etc. that would simplify this process?

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Investigate the Libraries. They are quite useful for organizing scattered files.

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@dpworkin What are those?

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You have some default libraries Documents, Music, Videos, Downloads. Click on “My Computer” and you will see them. Check their properties. You can add different folders, including network folders to your Libraries in order to aggregate files.

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I agree with @dpworkin, you can create a new “library” and have it point to or link different files that you save. So if you wanted a “Work” library, then you can have it link to your emails and your word documents or whatever.

I’m Leotcol, and Windows 7 was my idea.

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@LeotCol @dpworkin Are there any online tutorials available regarding libraries?

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There are so many tutorials its crazy, and i agree with @dpworkin the libraries are a fantastic way to organize and bring out the potential of your computer.

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