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I have two ways I can drive to work which one is the best to save on gas

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone

1 way is about 8miles longer but has no stops 2 way is shorter but has about 10 stop lights what way you think will save the most gas

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Partly depends on what you drive. But i’d say the longer way without the stops. You waste gas by pushing down the gas pedal too much (think about it while you drive). You have to push it down more to accelerate. You waste less if you’re going a constant speed.
My EPA rating says I should get 35 to the gallon. I get 42.

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Definitely #2. Lots more gas consumed to start from a dead stop as opposed to maintaining a semi constant speed.

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eeerf. Teach me to post before coffee. I meant #1.

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Yes, I always take the longer way. I also coast a lot to avoid pressing the gas… :(

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It also uses gas to push the power brakes and to turn the power steering. In my ‘55 Bel-Air I don’t have these options, imagine that.

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I would guess # 2. 8 miles shorter is a lot and not sure if coasting vs stop n go will be made up within the 8 miles. You should conduct an experiment. All one week going #1, watch gas gauge. Next week, all #2 and see which one does better. If you get the lights right, you could breeze through most of them but that is always hit or miss. If you are solely concerned about gas mileage, #2 is the way to go. However, avoiding annoying stop ‘n go would be worth the extra 8 miles, in my opinion.

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Yeah, I did personally experiment with this and I got 28 mpg going the stop-n-go way, as opposed to 35mpg the coast and ride way. Everything in my life gets the scientific method :P

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